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Damn Fine on Recoup

So I randomly decided to look for some news on Andrews and Dunham’s Damn Fine Teas, and found that for the next day and a half or so, they’re part of a Recoup deal. Now by this point, most of us are familiar with the sites that offer a special deal on a given product for a few days. Recoup puts a nice spin on this by giving you the option to sacrifice a bit of your discount to donate to a charity of your choice. In this specific instance it’s Damn Fine Teas Series 5. The offer here is for $5 off of the Captain (Assam) and Mermaid’s Kiss (Magnolia scented Oolong). Check it out.

Also, as a side note, this little tip popped up on DFT’s Twitter account about eight hours ago.

Only 10 sets left: get on the bus! edit The link here was for DFT’s Series 3 on their site edit

I can personally guarantee that number is one fewer. My impulsive spending is going to be the death of me. On the flip side, I’ve REALLY been waning to try some A&D teas, so why not go all out eh?

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Sold! Their tea always seemed interesting to me, and a discount + a small donation to charity = good motivation.

8 Left, I think

Blake said

Argh…that link looked okay prepost, and I didn’t look at it after. The twitter quote is actually concerning Series 3 on the Andrews and Dunham website. I’m stupidly impulsive and got both in addition to the order of tins I placed last night.

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