Join Verdant's Discussion of Tea Culture and Get 35% Off Green Teas

At this time of year, we cannot help but think of our friends in Laoshan, busy picking tea. In honor of their hard work, we are offering 35% off any of our green teas between now and April 23rd.

All we want to see in return is more discussion of tea culture. Check out our newly revamped blog, Tea Discovery, and leave a comment, question, or story in response to any article. We will send you a 35% off coupon within 24 hours to thank you for your engagement. We are trying to add at least an article a week, and a video a month, and hope to encourage more interest and discussion of the culture of tea.

Check out the blog here:

Best Wishes,
David Duckler
Founder, Verdant Tea

9 Replies

This is a really great idea and I DO have my eye on some of your teas!

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Azzrian said

A very generous offer! I went to your blog and enjoyed two articles thus far! I have bookmarked it for further reading when I have time later this evening. I actually DID post out of interest and not just for the discount which speaks volumes to me.
I will absolutely be using that discount though – thank you! :)

Same here, the discount is awesome. But I actually learned a little something too!

Those articles definitely are fascinating, I am learning from them!

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Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments so far! It is great to get questions, as it gives me ideas for expanding the articles and for writing new ones.

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Perfect I have my eye on the dragon well and a few other teas. Love the blog and the videos. I have watched a few and learned a lot.

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I am honored to have so many comments on the blog. It means a lot to know that these articles are being enjoyed. A quick reminder- only a week left to use those coupons. Post a comment today and get your coupon within 24 hours. Thanks so much for taking part in the tea discussion.

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Gregg said

Hi David,

How nice of you to make the offer. I actually read your blog and browsed your site a few weeks ago, before I found this site in fact. I am new to the world of online tea, new to Chinese tea in general.

I work in the NYC Art world, wherer the idea of curatorship is badly abused. But in the case of tea it is what I am looking for with retailers. Any commercial relationship is based on image and trust, so curatorship is important, but given the number of tea merchants and amounts of tea(s) available it’s also important personalize the experience of expertise. To be authentic on both fronts is an achievement and makes a big difference.

I’ll post something.



Thanks Gregg,
With family members on the artist and the curator side of the art world in NY, I can totally understand what you mean. If I am going to introduce a new tea I have to ask myself if it can truly be defended if it were ever to come to some ‘tea trial.’ It is an important standard to strive for, and one that I hope becomes integral to the tea market here in the west.

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