teaenvy said

coffee tea blend?

coffee and tea blended….sounds like brew of choice for zombies.

Has anyone here tried a coffee tea blend?

I am constantly faced with the conundrum of coffee or tea…coffee or tea…

Frankly im lazy and a bit of a chicken or i would just give it a try.

If you have tried it what did you think? what kind of tea did you use?

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I’ve never tried blending it myself, but I did try the javavana blend from Teavana (assam and mate with coffee flavors, not sure if there is actual ‘coffee’ in there). It was atrocious. Oh man was it bad.

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teaenvy said

ya…mate is not coffee. sorry mate lovers, i just tossed a bunch. ick…

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Aiko said

The only coffee/tea blend that comes to mind is the “dirty chai” latte occasionally ordered from [nonspecific chain coffee shop]: A chai latte with a shot of espresso mixed in. The flavor is…. intense and strange, not sure I like it myself, but I know at least a few people swear by it.

Personally, I like coffee and I like tea, but…not together.

Blake said

I drink dirty chai’s (aka dirty hippies) all the time. I always add 2-4 espresso shots though, one doesn’t quite do it for me.

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Ian said

I’ve tried the coffe pu’erh blend from DAVIDsTEA and it was actually quite nice, though I wouldn’t say it really would work as a substitute for coffee as it didn’t really taste like straight up coffee. Of you want something comparable to coffe I would suggest either roasted mate (which it sounds like you might have already tried, but if it was flavored then I would recommend you try an unflavored variety as it is more comparable to the bold taste of coffee) or try some shu pu’erh. I don’t know if you’re familiar with pu’erh or not, but I would definitely look into it if I was you. A lot of different shus are comparable to coffee but without the harsh bitterness.

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There is a company called Teabeancoffee.com that does just that.

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teaenvy said

thank you for all your suggestions.

i did a little more googling and discovered that in indonesia and south east asia the tea coffee combo is known as yeungyang or yin yang.

its made with milk tea and coffee.

i decided to give it a go and made a strong milk tea with regular milk and pg tips. i allowed the milk to scald the way i do when making masala chai. i mixed this half and half with a strong mocha java coffee.

hmmm…i dont love it and i dont hate it. surpriseingly the tea and coffee flavors were quite distinct and very easy to pick out as separate notes.

i might try this again with some vanilla bean.

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kuanyin said

I quite liked Javavana myself. Especially when I had only recently quit coffee. I really liked teas that looked like coffee! I still make some on occasion, but probably won’t replace it.

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chadao said

Tea and Coffee together… you mean toffee? I’ve only ever tried steeping a lipton bag in a cup of hot coffee and it was actually pretty good!

I agree with teaenvy, mate is not coffee, but if you like the coffee flavor with tea, then Teavana’s Matevana or Javavana Mate are good ways to go.

Did you really steep a lipton tea bag in a cup of hot coffee, and it came out okay? Or is this like a joke I’m missing.

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