Blake said

The Mailman Cometh.

The idea here is pretty basic. Many of us don’t have the benefit of living close to nice tea sellers, so we rely on our many online retailers. As such, you all know the excitement you feel when you come home and see that box on the porch, or you get the random mid day knock that just has to be the delivery man. If this has been done, I haven’t seen it, so it’s time to share that excitement with everyone else. The way I see it, this will serve two purposes. First of all, it allows us to share that excitement with everyone else here. Secondly, it will give everyone an idea of the type of packaging used by the retailers we all hold so dear. The only rule here is pretty obvious, and that’s that the item must be tea related. It doesn’t have to be tea itself, it just needs to be tea related.

Without further ado….this is the coolest package I’ve gotten yet. Hands down, no question. Also, the shipping was unreal. If ever I find myself in need of an organ transplant, I can only hope that these men get in that business.[email protected]/6906066978/[email protected]/6908388328/
I love the signatures here. It’s a very nice personal touch.[email protected]/6908388328/
There was plenty of paper here to keep the tins secure.[email protected]/6906056762/
And we have the pièce de résistance. I knew full well what was in this box, and my eyes still welled with excitement as I set them upon these tins. The tins themselves aren’t as exciting as what awaits inside them, but they’re pretty close.

All in all, the boys at Andrews and Dunham really have their act together. Thus far I’ve only tried one of these teas, but it certainly lives up to it’s moniker.

I’ve got two more packages coming next week. So, what’s on your doorstep?

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Azzrian said

Wow that is very cool – is that a patch?
Nice package – very fancy box! I bet you are gonna keep that box! LOL

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Blake said

I meant to update this earlier in the week, but it’s really been pretty rough for me. When I got the call about someone trying to use my debit card to the tune of $400, the good news came two fold. First they didn’t allow it to go through. That’s bittersweet because I had to cancel the card and am waiting on a new one. The other shining point was that when I rushed out for work, I found this little gem in the mailbox.
Yes, that is two packs of temporary tattoos.
These tins are probably my favorite. Not just of the A&D tins own, but out of all of them.

Flash forward to today. I was again in a rush out the door to get to work, but I stopped just long enough to notice this little guy on the counter.
Okay, so it’s not that little. Also, for the record, all of that laundry on the table belongs to roommates. With that said, in all fairness, I’m still waiting on my room to be declared a natural disaster.
“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!?!?!”

I missed a picture showing it clearly, but it was another box. Packing paper was stuffed so tightly around that I had to put some real effort into wedging Box Jr. out.
Bright shiny tins! The majority of the tins were completely immovable. A few had just enough room for part of them to wiggle, but any movement they could have had was negligible. My invoice was from eight days ago, and considering we had the weekend there, I’d say shipping was pretty solid. Not the A&D “Did they just teleport it here?!?!” level of speed, but still quick enough for me.

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Aiko said

Aww, I love the idea of this thread. Now I want to go order some tea just so I can post in it.

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