Interest in a tea news+exploratory deep dive website

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been thinking about the lack of the tea worlds news output/central hub of information which leads to much confusion and misunderstanding in an already tough to understand world.
My idea is something akin to sprudge, which is a coffee website where third wave coffee nerds go. I like sprudge and believe that the tea world equivalent could be even better, essentialy I see the flaws in thoughts are that there would be news about suppliers, tea houses, great new products, vendor information as well as longform essays from a whole bunch of types of people in the tea world. Someone like max falkowitz who has been at saveur really knows his tea and has a big name and large audience relatively. People who are mainstays in the steepster community like oolong owl and liquid proust, vendors like scott at ys and Paul at w2t all potential writers to start something good. Of course, open submissions. I imagine being a head editor of sorts and working with people on submissions, a layout for the site, etc..
My questions are is this interesting? Feasible? Does something like it already exist? Are there people right now who would be interested in exchanging emails and slowly or quickly building up to this?

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