Mate or Guayusa For Stimulation Purposes?

I’m trying to decided whether to buy green yerba mate from Mate Factor or Peppermint Guayusa from Runa, and I’m wondering which would be more suitable for morning wake-up purposes. It is important to know that I’m a heavy coffee drinker in the morning so I need to know which has more kick. If anyone with experience could compare and contrast the effects of each that would be great. Thanks.

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I believe Guayusa has slightly more caffeine than does Mate, and the general consensus seems to be that Guayusa is somewhat sweeter and less of an acquired taste than Mate. Still, if you’ve had yerba mate before and like it then there’s probably no major need to switch. I’m a guayusa fan, myself.

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Janefan said

You just sold me, Frank! =)

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teaenvy said

just throwing in my two bits…if you have not tried mate before, try it before you buy!

so many people told me mate tasted a bit like coffee “you will like it”

i hated it. even properly prepared i just could not get used to it. it does not taste anything like coffee. if anything it tastes like a very grassy sencha that has been brewed at too high of a temp for too long.

personally i have found a good strongly prepared english breakfast tea gives me the closest kick to coffee. my personal coffee rule is its not strong enough if you can see the bottom of the cup with a half inch of liquid in the cup.

you might give pg tips loose tea a try. two teaspoons per 12 oz water…full roiling boil water and steep 5 minutes. no its not coffee…but it kicks pretty good!

Not all Mate tastes the same, either. I’ve had some really awful Mate and some really good Mate. If you’re going to go with Mate for stimulation purposes, my best recommendation is this: It’s a blend that also contains chicory root in it, which gives it more of a coffee-like flavor. The barley gives it a malty taste, and the carob gives it a delicious richness. I’ve had a lot of different Mate blends, this one is probably my favorite (followed very closely by the Malted ChocoMate from 52teas) and it’s very stimulating too.

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Ian said

I think it all has to do with your personal…. body is the only word I can think of.

The amount of caffeine that each has doesn’t really mean as much as how your body will take it. I personally find that the way the caffeine in the two affect me are different-mate is more of that coffee jolt whereas guayusa has more of a subtle energizing feel. I think I personally prefer guayusa as a STIMULANT more, but I like the taste of mate more.

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I prefer the taste of Guayusa, and I also find it to be more stimulating than mate.

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Thanks guys. I went with the Guayusa as it has more caffeine and I got a pound of it for the same price as 12 ounces of the mate would’ve been.

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I don’t love mate, but it’s okay iced with a bit of honey. I think I’m just used to lower amounts of caffeine, though, because it makes me jittery and panicky. It’s okay once in awhile, but if I’m looking to stay awake I usually go with oolongs or greens.

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