allie89105 said

Favorite fall teas!

Looking to get back into drinking tea more regularly and with fall coming up I’d love to try a few new ones! What’re your favorites and how do you like them (milk, sugar, honey, etc)?

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Bird and Blend’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorites though it’s only available for a short time as they get more and more popular. Really, it’s the chai season for me too. I go from drinking no chai to a ton of chai in fall.

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AllanK said

It is somewhat traditional to drink ripe puerh in the colder weather. Also black teas too.

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Edinburgh said

I need new tea inspiration, so I hope this post gets a lot of answers. :-)

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I like Celestial Seasonings Caramel Apple Dream. And, of course, some chai with Skinny Syrups Pumpkin Spice or Pumpkin Cheesecake syrup (from Marshalls) and heavy whipping cream. The Tea Spot’s Choco-Mint Truffle for my cocoa fix in the winter. Good ideas are always welcome!

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Arby said

David’s Tea Pumpkin cheesecake and my favourite herbal streamed mulberry leaf are my top 2. Also a lot of chai and spiced blends or roasty oolongs. I find ginger and peppercorn in chais as well as roasted oolongs very warming.

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LuckyMe said

I definitely drink more black tea during the winter as well as roasted oolongs. Also, chamomile and genmaicha. Once the seasons change, I swap out my iced matcha and london fog lattes for the hot versions.

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Teatotaler said

I think that smoky teas are especially good this time of year. Autumn, I think, is the ideal time for Lapsang Souchong and Lapsang blends. My absolute favorite autumn tea is Bonfire from Adagio – Yum! Russian Country from Harney and Sons and Hu-Kwa from Mark T. Wendell are other fall favorites. Honey is my addition of choice. Smoky Earl Grey teas are great too!

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Roasty oolongs, black teas and pu-erhs are what I go to during the fall/colder months.
Da Hong Pao immediately comes to mind as a favorite fall time tea. Also Keemun Imperial black tea. It’s light and floral, but also has notes of roasted sweet potato which I love.
Oh and Huo Shang Huan Ya yellow tea has to be one of my top fall teas. Yellow tea in general is on the lighter side/not as robust, but it has a very strong roasted chestnut aroma. Roasted chestnuts are one of my favorite fall time treats!

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Dorian Grey from Figments Tea Shoppe, and some black currant teas.

Pumpkin Chai from David’s Teas is a longtime favourite.

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I tend to reach for Earl Greys and various masala chais, as well as more Fall-ish fruits like fig, pear, or apple.

Earl Greys of all kinds:
Kusmi – Troika, Prince Vladimir
Lupicia – Earl Grey Chocolat
T2 – French Earl Grey

Masala Chais:
David’s Tea – S’Mores Chai
TeaSource – Apple Chai
The Tea Spot – Pumpkin Spice Chai

Autumnal Fruits:
Dammann Frères – Figue Fraîche, Noël en Provence
Lupicia – Apple, Momijigari
TeaSource – Hazelnut Orange

And of course stalking various websites for the release of Holiday teas! ❤

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