What Is Your Tea Preference Trend

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black teas, flavored blacks, green teas, tisanes on occasion [I like my caffiene fix]

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Barbara said

Yeah same kind of trend. Not surprising I’d say. Afterall one tends to start with the lower priced and most easily accessible teas being the bagged fannings and moving from there up through the piramide sachets to the more common drugstore loose teas and only later to the more expensive and/or exclusive loose teas from speciality shops. At least there aren’t many people that start with the most expensive tea (or wine for that matter).

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Lala said

I find that I don’t have a trend, but I go through phases. For example, I will go through a phase where I drink only Japanese green tea, but then I will most to straight blacks, and then to herbals and then to something else. It really depends on my mood and excitement level (ie. if a website has a good sale, I tend to go crazy and then drink that certain tea for a period of time…until the next good sale comes up). Also depends on when I clean out my tea cupboard, and if I find something good in the back I had forgotten about.
I switch back and forth between bags and loose leaf, as there are some bagged teas I just can’t give up and I haven’t found a suitable loose leaf replacement yet.

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