Teavana to buy Teaopia

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Celestial said

I went into Teaopia today and most of the place was empty. Anyways I got two tea balls for only $1.13 (each)! I also got their Caramelissimo black tea though I wish it was on sale. The cashier told me in three weeks so August 25ish, Teavana will open. I honestly don’t care anymore much since I prefer David’s Tea.

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LisaJoanna said

My local teaopia is having a summer sale, but I was able to coax out of one of the sales assistants that part of the reason there sale is going on is because there trying to get most of the tea out because they have been bought out. I’m also planning on going and buying all the teas I like/ or are hoping to try as soon as possible. Most thing I’m worried about is that the store will be in reno for awhile and it’s one of the only tea places I can buy from (I’m tight on money so Davidstea isn’t good for me at the moment) I’m also apprehensive…i actually never heard of teavana until this arose, possibly because i’ve partly new to loose leaf tea. but it still causes me to get anxious at this. I’m hoping teavana is as good though, i’m just happy the sales associates at my local store are staying, just the store is changing.

My location is already flipped to a Teavana (it was one of the first to flip), and there were no renos beyond a signage change. Teavana is working with the layout of the store as-is. The whole flip took 3 days before Teavana re-opened. If that’s how they’re choosing to do things with most/all locations, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being closed for a long time.

Teavana is pretty profit-driven, they probably don’t want to keep a store closed for long!

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Well, I was going to suggest to “Teavanasucks” that they get around the flavouring issue that is bound to plague them from company to company by checking out some straight, unflavoured teas, particularly those from Verdant…

But it seems they’ve deleted their comment thread AND their account. Okay. Here’s that suggestion anyway, in case they are still watching. Le shrug.

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