Does anyone else have a problem with rooibos leaving an aftertaste/smell on their strainer?

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rsaw said

So, I’ve just been brewing my rooibos (and other teas) in a Bodum Chambord French press, it actually works pretty beautifully. If I press down slowly, then virtually no pieces make it past the metal mesh plunger (even rooibos!), and it’s actually kind of fun watching the leaves fall up and down like you would in an Adagio Ingenuitea. Plus, since it’s made of just glass and metal (except for the lid), there are no worries about staining, smell/taste remaining, or plastics leaching. As for the plastic portion of the lid, your water will probably be cold enough when it makes contact with it that leaching isn’t a problem. I wish Adagio would make a glass IngenuiTEA with metal filter, because I would definitely buy one.

I’m not actually sure why French press usage is more common for brewing tea, since this is probably the best solution I’ve found yet.

Uniquity said

A local tea sotre uses french presses when you buy tea in house. My biggest issue is that with fuller leaf teas I either have to crush the tea a bit to get all the water out (which releases tannins) or I have to leave some of the liquid down with the leaves, which means that gets over-steeped and ruins future brews with more tannins. If you’re just a one-steeper though, it’s absolutely lovely (minus clean-up, but cleaning up tea leaves is always a pain in the butt :D)

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I don’t have that problem, because I don’t drink rooibos. Forget the aftertaste, I can’t stand the before or during taste.

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