Sites that sell samplers?

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We just got an order in from SerendipiTea, and I’m pretty impressed with the samples. I’ll put an online review up in a bit (probably tomorrow). You can order 1/2 oz samples of all of their teas (14g), for $2.50 each. This might be a little steep for a sample, but it seemed worth it to me (since I normally get their teas from Amazon 8 oz at a time).

Not only did the tea get here ridiculously fast (I ordered on Tuesday, I’m drinking it on Friday, and I’m across the country), but the samples look huge. If they’re only 14g I’ll eat my hat.

Plus they sent me an 11th sample for free (or accidentally dropped an 11th in there, and someone else is pissed that their order is missing a sample). They didn’t say they sent me a free sample, but here it is!

Shipping isn’t cheap though, so I don’t know. I like their tea, I like the quality, 10 good sized samples for $30 seems worth it. We’re easily getting 10 cups out of each of these samples.

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They don’t mention it on the website, but if you ask them for mini samplers (2-3 cups) they will do that for you. Shipping is reasonable as well. I have personally found their unflavoured teas to be fantastic.

Sil select said

Shhhh stop it indigo! Like I need more reasons to find new places hahah!

but… it’s in Montreal! our sister city :P

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Lynxiebrat said

In a few weeks I plan on buying a sampler pack from David’s Tea, most likely the Sweet Indulgence box for $26.50. I’ve never bought any tea from this company but I love the descriptions of the ingredients, Bound to find a few teas that I love in that box. Now if only Teavana would be smart enough to add samplers to their line!

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Azzrian said

Verdant of course has sampler packs – a bit more expensive than some mentioned but some of the best tea out there.

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