How Tea changed your Life

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As a teapot, tea IS my life, so it was my humans that changed things by buying me and taking me to their home. Since then I have taught them many things about tea and about respecting such fine steeping vessels as yours truly. Fortunately, they are quick learners, or I would be banging my lid against the wall in frustration and probably chipping or cracking myself in the process. The first lesson was to steep the leaves loose. This not only respects them but produces a flavor that is not tainted by teabag material of any kind. The second lesson was to distinguish between tea and stuff being called ‘tea’ such as rooibos, honeybush, and herbals. The third lesson was to be sure the tea can be tasted through whatever flavorings other humans add to those leaves. They were big lessons to learn, and I am happy to say that my humans were patient students, needing to be stood in the corner only now and then for misbehavior (mostly uncontrollable giggling).

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JasonCT said

I’ve pretty much always been a tea drinker.
My whole family drinks tea (albeit lower quality bagged tea), for them it is an enjoyable thing often shared with family and friends.

What the hobby of loose leaf (and finer quality teas) has taught me, is simply how to slow down.
I think that in our 24/7 connected world, we often don’t find ways to slow down. Tea has done that for me and for that I’m grateful.

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Tea has given me steady and honest sobriety for the first time. And the supportive and excited community on Steepster reassures my choice of tea over alcohol. I am a better me and continuously becoming stronger because of tea.

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Lynxiebrat said

Being so prone to depression not to mention having many family members who have histories with alcohol, I for the most part stay away from it, life can be enough of a depressant at times, without climbing into a bottle. A few months after I started drinking tea, I stopped drinking soda. I challenged myself over the summer to stop buying it, and with a few exceptions…I have stayed away from it since. I have very little urge to drink soda anymore, (Though I do miss my A&W Rootbeer and Faygo Peach and Ohana Pineapple. ) Instead my daily regular drink is MIO flavored water, with 1 or 2 glasses of either almond milk or coconut milk and of course 1-2 cups of tea.

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