momo said

Harney & Sons Tea Lounge on Scoutmob

Just a heads up to anyone in NYC, or anyone who might be there in the next six months and also owns a smartphone, the Harney & Sons Tea Lounge in SoHo has a deal on Scoutmob today:

You don’t have to claim it or anything, just download their app and you can get 50% off there, up to $10. I’m incredibly jealous :(

Scoutmob’s in a bunch of cities though and they do a lot of deals with tea shops it seems, at least 3 of the ones here in Atlanta have been featured before so you can check the map in your city out of curiosity to get to their page. It’s probably my favorite daily deal type thing because you don’t have to pay up front. (But if you don’t have a smartphone like in this case, you lose out.)

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SimplyJenW said

I want that Earl Grey ice cream STAT! I am jealous, too. Not going to be anywhere near there anytime soon. :(

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Thanks for the tip! I work in NYC, but SOHO is quite a bit out of the way for me. But hey, I’ve got months to make it there. :)

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Dinosara said

I’ve done something similar to this and it was great… the tea lounge menu is pricey but good so it’s nice to have a deal. Last time I was there I had tea-flavored macarons that were delicious!

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