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I’d be willing to take anything that anyone no longer wants. I’m very new to tea (got an infuser mug, spoon and some Teavana for Christmas) and would like to expand my tastes and try some new things. I live in the US.

I’m putting together a couple of boxes of tea that I would like to give away. Some of the teas may be a tad on the older side and some of the teas will be tea bags (still in wrapping). If you would like one of these boxes, I would be more than happy to send one to you. It probably would be in about two weeks that I would be able to ship it to you.

Oh my goodness, that would be soooo wonderful! Thank you so much!

Okays! Please be sure to follow me and PM me the address that you would like the box sent to! :)

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MissB said

I’ve got a whack of tea to give away, and will gladly pay for shipping anywhere in North America. This is tea that I’ve had for more than a year and/or that I just plain don’t enjoy, however it has been packaged well and kept in a cool, dark place. I will ship it out on/around the 20th of this month.

Flower Basket in Water, Tea Centre (Courtenay, BC) – 2 blossoms
Xue Ya Bio, Camellia Sinensis @ 0.7 oz.
- Detox Herbal, Sweet Cherubim @ 1.4 oz
- Weight Loss, Sweet Cherubim @ 2.4 oz
Instant Honeyed Ginger Drink (ginger, honey and chrysanthemum tea) – 19 bags/cups

Honeybush Mango @ 3.8 oz.
Green Rooibos @ 6.5 oz.
Jasmine Bloom – 2 blossoms

Pandeme said

I’d love to take the three Adagio ones, as long as nobody else ends up wanting them.

LooseyLeaf said

I’ll take :
Instant Honeyed Ginger Drink
Xue Ya Bio, Camellia Sinensis
Flower Basket in Water, Tea Centre (Courtenay, BC) – 2 blossoms

Yvonne said

I’d absolutely love a little bit of the Honeybush Mango.

MissB said

LooseyLeaf and Kinsa, can you please friend me so we can chat about where I can mail these? Thanks. Pandeme, I’ll add those and mail them off to you as well.

Feltbeat said

I’d love to try anything you have left. (:

MissB said

Hey Feltbeat, you’ll have to follow me back so that I can get your mailing address to ship it off to you. The only ones left right now are the herbals, however I’ll add some more in there too.

Feltbeat said

I’m following you and I’ve sent a message with my address! Thanks in advance! (:

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Yvonne said

My last job – I was management of a retail store – ended last summer when our store was unexpectedly closed, and due to a recent severe relapse in a long standing illness I haven’t been well enough to obtain another. Combined with my new tea addiction…funds have not been going too well.

I also suffer from severe depression (brought on by the aforementioned illness) and tea has been the one thing that has willed myself to become stronger and help myself overcome my illness. Trying new teas makes me excited as anything and gives me a reason to get up in the morning. :) Gives me something to look forward to again, and I need that at this time.

That being said…if anybody has any teas they would like to share with me it would mean the world. I’m willing to try anything – it doesn’t have to be an exorbitant amount, just samples of whatever you can spare. I’d really appreciate it. :) Thanks in advance to anybody who read.

Sil select said

I can send you a small package in the nearish future. Send me a PM so that i don’t forget – i just won’t likely get to it until next weekend at the earliest as work is going to be a little crazy this week :) I’m all for sharing a little happiness!

ToiToi select said

I can send you something small. Just shoot me your address.

PM me your address. I think I can send something.

Lilysmom said

I could send something too if you message me your address. Feel free to look in my cupboard ( a bit out of date tho, fair warning) if there is anything you would really like to try. Manitoba winter!! – never done it, but I can well imagine some nice tea helps get through it!!

VariaTEA said

I will be heading to the post office tomorrow. I am happy to send a few samples your way if you send me your address. Feel free to check through my cupboard and request some teas that interest you.

Yvonne said

Wow, I’m so grateful for the responses I’m getting! Thank you all so, so much…you don’t know how much this means to me. :) I’ll be sending out a PM to each of you.

Yvonne said

Little_Tea_Bird – It doesn’t seem to let me want to PM you. :( Your name doesn’t show up in my list after following you – odd.

I know what you mean – tea is a little variety in the monotony of a day. I was collecting together perfectly good teas that I don’t happen to like, to put a package together for someone, and I thought you would be perfect, but sadly you live in Canada. It cost me about $10 to mail similar packages within the US, so I can’t afford it right now. But just pretend I’m sending you a ton of teas in spirit and a billion well wishes! :D

Yvonne said

Awww, thank you for the well wishes and the thoughts. :)

MissB said

Kinsa: They’ll have to follow you as well before you can send them a note. :)

Yvonne said

Ah, so that’s the issue! Thanks :)

AnnaEA select said

Drop me a pm, and check out my cupboard.

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I have 2 teas from Teavana that I just will never get around to drinking. Please let me know if you are interested…..

Samurai Chai Mate Tea ~2oz
Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea ~2oz

Yvonne said

If possible, I’d love to take them off your hands. I’ve never tried those before. :)

Following you. If you could follow me I will send you a PM. Thanks.

Yvonne said

Awesome! Thank you so much :)

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Ok, I know most of you guys are not into bagged tea but maybe, just maybe, there are some people around here who would be interested in the teas I want to get rid of anyway.

I went through a major herbal tea phase, where I was obsessed with a lot of Yogi teas. While I still enjoy some of them, I don’t need quite SO MANY, and I thought I should just clear my cupboards up a little bit and give these away to anyone who would want them.

I will ship for free to anyone in the US. If you are from elsewhere, just let me know, and I might split the shipping with you, or something (in that case, you would have to pay me a few bucks with PayPal).

This is what I want to get rid of:

Stash Coconut Mango Wuyi oolong 12 bags
Stash Double Bergamot Earl grey 5 bags
Pukka Relax herbal tea 10 bags
Pukka Three Tulsi herbal 12 bags
Yogi Healthy Skin Cinnamon 8 bags
Yogi Women’s Raspberry Leaf 8 bags
Yogi Vanilla Spice Black 8 bags
Yogi Skin Detox herbal 10 bags
Yogi Kava Stress Relief herbal 8 bags
Yogi Berry Detox herbal 5 bags
Yogi Bedtime herbal 8 bags
Yogi Chai Green 8 bags
Yogi Mayan Spice herbal 6 bags
Yogi Egyptian Licorice herbal 6 bags
Numi Fennel Spice 7 bags
Touch Organic Earl Grey green tea 8 bags

Ali select said

Would love the Yogi Mayan Spice herbal 6 bags, Yogi Vanilla Spice Black 8 bags and Stash Double Bergamot Earl grey 5 bags (I’m in the US) if possible?

I’m really interested in the Stash teas, but I’m in Canada and at the moment don’t have a job – meaning no disposable income. Would it be possible to get a shipping quote?

Jude said

Hi, this is great, thanks! I’d be delighted to get the Bedtime and Kava and would like to try one Vanilla Spice. I’d also be interested to try the 2 Pukka teas. Happy to share with anyone else, of course.

Roswell Strange & Jude, you guys need to follow me so that I can send you a message. :) Also, Roswell Strange, it looks like Ali beat you to one of the Stash teas – and let me know where in Canada you’re from, if the shipping will seem reasonable to me (below $4), I will still send it for free!

Also, sorry guys, but I just got called in to work, so I will reply to you later this evening!

If I could, I’d like to nab the Yogi Egyptian Licorice, the Chai Green, and the Touch Organic Earl Grey, please.

Nettie said

I’d love the Raspberry Leaf, Skin Detox,and Berry Detox if available!

Is the Fennel Spice still available?

Yeah, Nettie and KiwiDelight, they are still available!

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I have a 1.75 oz (minus a couple of tsp) package of Sencha of the Summer Sun http://steepster.com/teas/obubu-tea/16867-sencha-of-the-summer-sun

I am sencha picky, apparently, and would like someone to have this that would actually drink it before it goes stale. (It is really fresh right now!) As you can see this one has good ratings and is a decent sencha, just not something I’m going to drink often enough or fast enough! I’ll ship to anyone in the US on my dime, but if you are in Canada or elsewhere, I will ask for paypal monies for shipping since I have to pay like $6-$7 to ship there! :)

I would LOVE it!! I ran out of sencha and have been lamenting the lack of it.

Excellent, it’s all yours Amanda!

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keychange said

I have approximately 3-ish oz of rose scented from h and s that I know I won’t finish. Does anyone (preferably in North America) want it?

ifjuly said

ooooh. if someone with less access to harney wants it, you should defer to them, but otherwise i’d love it (i’m in the US). i can always order my own at some point though, so…

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keychange said

Nah, it’s all yours now! I’ll pm you.

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I’ve got two unopened sampler packs of Adagio’s Masala Chai that I need to get rid of. Love Adagio, but I already have so many different chais and chai blends, I really don’t need these packs!
So yes. Please take it away from me :)

(Preferably US, and because of midterms and projects, it might take a while for me to run by the post office so just know that the timeliness factor wouldn’t be all that great and I apologize in advance for that [it obviously wouldn’t take months. Maybe two weeks at most])

EDIT: One of the chai samples is taken, but the other is still up for grabs! :)

EDIT: Yep. Both packs are taken sooo… yep. Thanks babes for taking them off my hands :)

I’ll take them off your hands if you want to get rid of them:) always willing to try something new:) just followed you to set up logistics

kk cool :)
Just followed you back! I’ll shoot you a message soon

If I could nab the other one, I’d be very grateful. I’ll follow you now.

Followed back, I’ll send you a message in a bit :)

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CrowKettle said

I have an unopened 1.75oz packet of 52 tea’s Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake, and an open 1oz packet of Verdant’s Xingyang Golden Leaf Shu Pu’er, which I’ve found isn’t too my taste.

I also have small samples up for grabs, including:
David’s Tea: Alpine Punch (rooibos)
David’s Tea: Vanilla Orchid (oolong)
David’s Tea: Cherry Blossom (white/mixed)

I’m located in Canada but don’t mind shipping internationally.

I’d love the shu! And maybe the Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake…or maybe only half of it?? I’d be happy to help pay for shipping :)

I would like the Vanilla Orchid and Cherry blossom :)

CrowKettle said

No worries about shipping! I’m just happy knowing the shu is going to a better place. :)

CrowKettle said

Hi Amanda, that sounds great! I’m following you, so you can PM me if you’d like.

I would love to try the Carmel pumpkin cheesecake if Stephanie is willing to share a bit.
The alpine punch sounds good tool

I’d be happy to share Suziqzer , as long as CrowKettle is willing to divide it up :)

I’ve never had it before so I’m not 100% sure I will like it anyway! Sounds tasty though!

CrowKettle said

I don’t mind dividing it up for the both of you, although it might not be perfectly even as I don’t have proper measuring equipment :)

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