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I’ve accumulated quite an assortment 1-4 serving samples/swaps/leftovers/etc. that are interfering with my need for perfect order and cupboard harmony and I’ve decided to give them away! Shipping to US locations only (sorry everyone else!).


Thanks everyone!

I’ll gladly take the Buttered Rum off your hands. And maybe the Jumpy Monkey too.

I’ll take the Snowbud, Sunrise Sensation, Dan Cong Oolong, Yunnan Jig, Buddha’s Blend, Bubbly & Caramel off your hands.
- Followed you also.

I’ll take the two Butikis, Dan Cong Oolong, Mt Wulong, Florence and any of the Adagios anyone else doesn’t want.

In fact, I’ll take whatever else anyone else doesn’t want on top of that… and I’ll pay for shipping because this is awesomely generous. Just followed you!

Imagine that, giving away has a fantastically better turn out than swapping. (^o^)
@Fuzzy_Peachkin: I got the shipping covered :)
and, I hate to spoil my “awesomely generous” reputation, but I’m really doing this because I have a terrible anti-hoarding condition which I’ve recently discovered is considered a trait of OCD rather than having any relation to hoarding. I get such bad anxiety when I accumulate too much “stuff” that doesn’t fit neatly into my environment. LOL. Yeah, I have issues :p but hey, as long as someone is benefiting from them. . . :)

wheezybee said

If it’s still available, may I have the Herbal Cranberry Orange?

If any of you haven’t followed me yet, do so so that I can get your shipping addresses.

More giveaways added today. My tea cupboard is starting to look so orderly. Help me to bring it to perfection people!

On noes! I want them all! lol!

18g The Killer’s Vanilla – Butiki
16.3g Nilgiri Frost Oolong – Butiki
40g Mango Tango (with airtight tin!) – The Tea Spot
5g Dark Chocolate – Steap Teas

Meeka select said

Could I have the Nilgiri Frost Oolong, Osmanthe D’Or, The Killer’s Vanilla, Mango Tango, Dark Chocolate, and Thé des Songes? I know it’s a lot with the tin and everything so I can send something for shipping.

Meeka select said

Ahh…4 minutes too late…will amend to the Osmanthe D’Or, Thé des Songes, Pumpkin Spice, and Dragonwell, and Glitter and Gold :P

@Fuzzy_Peachkin Silly Goose! I just finished packaging up your last request, and there’s no more room in the little box I used anyway :p (but I did include some extras for you!)

But OK, here’s the deal: I will prepare a second package for you containing the Killers Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and one of either Nilgiri Frost OR Mango Tango. The other will go to Meeka.

I’ll take these if no one else has claimed them yet.. thanks so much!

12g Hojicha – Adagio
1.7g Pomegranate – Dorie’s Tea Cottage
1.4g Apricot Fruit Tea – Gold Leaf Spice & Teas
13g The Liberator (Chocolate flavor)– Java Tea Co.
13.5g The Diplomat (Caramel flavor) – Java Tea Co.
16 g Christmas Adagio

That’s perfectly ok. :-) Send them to Meeka! I just get excited easily about free stuff! Thank you for sending me a package!

Yay, everything has been claimed! My cupboard feels so liberated. lol.
If you haven’t already, please contact me with your shipping address. I’m hoping to make a single trip to the post office with all of these packages. Thank you so much for helping me clean up my tea cupboard (^.^)

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Josie Jade said

I’d love the brioche and Easter tea!

I almost missed you, hanging out down here in your own reply zone :) Follow me so we can PM.

Josie Jade said

Done! :)

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wheezybee said

If anyone is interested in Kama Sutra Chai by the Metropolitan Tea Company, I have something like 1-1/4 measuring cups’ worth (a little over 2oz, I think). It’s not to our tastes, and has been sitting neglected on the shelf for a while now. It’s been kept in an airtight container, and the flavor does not appear to have changed.

If you would like it, please let me know! No swaps or anything – it’s free to a good home. I can cover shipping if you live within the US, but if you’re outside of the country I will need you to cover it.

Lynxiebrat said

Is it a traditional chai taste? Reason why I ask is that I am not a fan of traditional chai, I wish I was but it just doesn’t get me.

wheezybee said

To me it doesn’t taste like a traditional chai. Here’s the tasting note I did on it if that helps:


wheezybee said

It’s been over a week, so into the compost this goes!

Artp said

ah, i’m interested. just saw

wheezybee said

You caught me just before I dumped it! Please follow me so you can message me with your contact information.

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Anyone want Gingerbread and Rooibos Berry from Adagio? I have about half a sample size of both. I won’t get around to finishing either.

Spencer said

Definitely interested. I am following you.

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Katiek said

Edited: all the boxes are taken now. Hope to do more soon. :)

My tea collection is getting out of control, so I’ve assembled three “mystery boxes” of assorted teas – mostly flavored black, but some others as well. Unfortunately, I can only ship to the US since I used the prepaid shipping boxes, and I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get to the post office, but it should be some time this week.

So if anyone is interested, I’ll send a box to the first three people to send me a PM with their address. (I haven’t sent many messages here, do I have to follow someone for them to be able to send me a message?)

My collection isn’t particularly sophisticated and some of the tea may be older, but the offer is free and you may find something you like. :)

If you still have a mystery box available I would love one. I just followed you, if you follow me I can send you a message.

K S said

Yes you have to be following a person before they can PM you.

Katiek said

Thanks, I’m following you now, Short Sorceress and you can have one of the boxes. :)

K S said

Also interested.

Katiek said

I’m following you too, KS. One box left.

Katiek said

Packages were mailed this morning. I hope you all find something you like in your box.

I just came home after being gone for two weeks to find your mystery box sitting on my kitchen table. Thank you for being so generous, there are a number of things that I look forward to trying out.

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Hi has the last mystery box been taken yet please let me know.

Katiek said

You can have the last one if you’d like it Silvermage. I’m following you now so you can send me a PM with address info.

Lynxiebrat said

If you do anymore, I think I would be interested. I live in Michigan;)

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Thank you so much for the kind generous offer.

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Josie Jade said

Up for grabs (all teabags):

-Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea ~ Stash (10 teabags)
-Rest ~ Tazo (8 teabags)
-Acai Green Tea ~ The Republic of Tea (15 teabags)
-Get Lost Red Tea ~ The Republic of Tea (21 teabags)

I’m interested in taking the vanilla nut off your hands. Maybe a little of the holiday tea as well.

Rosehips said

A few of the H&S Holiday tea, and a couple of the Spiced Plum and maybe two Lemon Ginger Herbal?

Josie Jade said

Ok, Jennkay and Rosehips, they’re yours! Please follow me so I can message you to get addresses. :)

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Alysha said

Anyone interested in a mystery package of several teas? 1-4 servings each, mostly DavidsTeas, with some oolongs as well.

Lynxiebrat said

Me! :) I’ll ‘follow’ you right now, remember to do the same with me, so we can connect email wise:)

yyz said

Sure I’d love some, If you’re sending out more than one. I’ll send you a pm.

I’d be interested. I’m always up for trying new oolongs or DavidsTeas. Lol. Followed you.

Definitely! I can send you one in return if you like :)

Alysha said

Hey guys, I’m so sorry but I only have enough teas for one package. My fault; I should have been more clear. I’ll send it to Lynxiebrat since she replied first, but I’ll follow the rest of you so that I can message you guys directly next time I do this so you can have first dibs :)

No problem at all, it was worth a shot. Thanks for offering!

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Kaylee said

I have too much tea. It is just overflowing. Which is good news for Steepsterites, because I need to give some away (just don’t tell my family or I’ll never hear the end of it). I really like this mystery box idea, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. There are two mystery boxes up for grabs – one box of green teas and one box of black teas (both boxes are likely to have an herbal or two thrown in). Serving sizes will vary from 1 to 10. There will be both loose teas and tea bags in each box. Some of the teas in each box will be:

Green Tea – Tropical Tea Company Blue Mango, Tropical Tea Company Monks Blend, Tea Forte Lemon Sorbetti

Black Tea – Adagio Chocolate Black Tea, Tea Forte Bombay Chai, Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling

First come, first serve. U.S. only (sorry Canada and everyone else, but you’re expensive to ship to!).

One caveat: it may take me a few weeks to actually send these out, but I’ll do my best to be prompt and will definitely let you know when it’s shipped.


wheezybee said

If one of the boxes is still available, I would love to try the Tea Forte Chai!

ToiToi select said

Would love the black tea!

Tamara said

I would love to try Adagio Chocolate Black Tea, Tea Forte Bombay Chai and Tropical Tea Company Blue Mango. I follow you.

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