Zeks said

Places with good flavoured teas that ship internationally?

I am really eager to try some good flavoured teas, but, sadly, the most popular places mentioned by people here do not ship to my country being a Canada or USA business only(and I live in Russia). Can anyone recommend a place that ships worldwide?

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Angrboda came up with a great list of places that ship internationally here: http://steepster.com/discuss/1892-what-do-you-look-for-in-an-online-tea-retailer (search for “Most of the places I shop” for her list). It looks like at least some of them carry flavor-added teas.

I like Culinary Teas and 52Teas the best for flavor-added teas; Culinary Teas doesn’t ship internationally, but I believe 52Teas does.

Good luck!

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Ninavampi said

Hi Zeks! I live in Ecuador and so far I have ordered from 52teas and Teavivre successfully. I know that Verdant and Red Leaf also ship internationally, so they are next on my list! : )

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jones5874 said

I generally don’t drink a lot of flavored teas, but I have enjoyed quite a few from Le Palais des Thes (http://www.palaisdesthes.com/en/). Not sure what you’re looking for specifically, but they have a large selection of flavored and unflavored teas and also great samplers – there is even a “blends and scents” sampler.

It says they ship all over the EU, but I’m not sure what the price would be for Russia. Shipping costs can sometimes be enough to prevent me from buying from a particular place. Hope this helps – I’m sure others here will have suggestions.

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Excelsior said

Mariage Freres, located in France, ships internationally. They have a large variety of flavored teas as well as a great selection of unflavored teas. Their best selling flavored tea is Marco Polo.


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