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Cofftea said

From Adagio’s FB status:

We still have a few stocking stuffers left. If you promise to send us photos of them on your tree, we’ll be happy to provide them for free. (we only have a few left so let us know who you are by sending your shipping info to

Done, thanks for the offer.

Sent ’em a note! Thanks!

Frolic select said

Anyone else get them? They looked so cute on my tree even if my pictures kinda suck.

Nope never got them. :-(

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Lori said

Tisano is giving away free samples of their cacao blend. But, there is a $4.95 charge on shipping and handling.

Cofftea said


Kristen said

Thanks for the info, just ordered a sample! Anxious to try it!

Thanks! :) Got it!

I think I may save up for a tin. I have been wanting to try it but $4.95 to ship a half an ounce is too much for me personally, but I can totally see that is a great opportunity to try it.

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