kOmpir said

Is jkteashop still active?

Yesterday I found out about this online store (www.jkteashop.com). They have some quite affordable samplers and teaware. I messaged them but didn’t get any reply. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated for a long time. Does anyone know if they’re still active?

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Azzrian said

I hope so! I wanted to order some items from them soon!

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Kind of an ill omen that their last twit said “I will update twitter every week”, and it was on October 24th.

Azzrian said


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jones5874 said

I was considering ordering from them a while back too but never got around to it.

They appear to have added at least one tea so far this year so they were at least active somewhat recently. (http://jkteashop.com/2012-spring-imperial-anxi-daping-huang-jin-guigolden-osmanthus-oolong-tea20g-sample-pack-p-1159.html?cPath=62_92)

Though it would be nice to find a review from someone who has actually bought from them recently.

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I’ve purchased from them, but not for a while now… I think it’s been at least a year now? Not entirely sure. But I did receive my order from them, and within a fairly decent time frame given that they ship from China (If memory serves me correctly).

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Zeks said

Yes, they are still active. I’ve last ordered from them just 2 weeks ago.

I am currently at work, so cannot review them as a whole, but you can find tasting notes of their tea in my profile.

Azzrian said

Thank you!

Missy said

Yay! I’m so glad to hear that.

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Asaf Mazar said

I placed a few orders with them recently. they respond quickly to emails in my experience (usually within 24 hours or less)
will post some reviews as soon as I get the tea.
they have yixing pot for only $15.

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Mike G said

It is active. I just ordered some Tie Guan Yin plus some tewares around 2 weeks ago. I got the package yesterday in really good condition, haven’t reviewed the tea though.

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kOmpir said

It’s been second day since I contacted them… still no reply.

kOmpir said

Forgot to mention, I contacted them on April 26th and got a reply on April 27th.

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Hello Lizeepa,

Thanks for your letter, and sorry for all this inconvenience caused to you.

This is Ellen from JK Tea Shop and responsible for this issue. For your issue, of course, we are responsible & serious tea company, and will refund to you after you reject the parcel when courier dispatches the parcel to you. Then we will refund to you immediately.

I think there is some misunderstanding for this situation; and I would like to take this opportunity to explain again;

You placed an order on April 24, which is April 25 for us. Due to the billing address is different from registered client’s address, for our company’s shipping policy, we must send an email to get client’s confirmation before sending out the parcel; or if no replies from client, must send out the parcel after 3 days.

Since your billing address is different from the registered client’s address, we sent an email on April 25 to ask for your confirmation, to avoid any mistakes & problems. However, probably internet connection’s reason, you did not receive our email or your email box blocks our email. Then we have to send out your parcel on April 29.

Unfortunately, from April 29 to May 1 is our Labor holiday, the post office did receive your parcel on April 29 and did not sort it out after May 2.

Also, due to the stupid, rubbish China post office system, sometimes it does not work properly to update the latest parcel status. But your parcel is sent out by Ebay cooperative forwarder(4PX), which I have sent the screenshot to you today by email. Also, you can also check the update status in this link as well(English version). http://www.sao.cn/en/index/home.jsp
After the parcel arrives in Canada, then you can track its update status in http://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/track/personal/findByTrackNumber?execution=e1s1

I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience caused to you; Hope you can understand we have done our best to provide good package, service to you; but the delivery in Post office is something we can’t control.

When you get the parcel, if you insist on refund, pls reject this parcel, then we will refund to you immediately.

We are a very serious tea company in China, with the aim to offer high-end, rare Chinese tea directly from tea farmers to clients. Tea quality, package and service is our top priority; But I do hope all the clients realize the parcels are sent out in China, not in US or Canada, so the shipping time is comparatively longer than in these countries.

Again, I am passionate about learning from difficulties that arise as the result of communication issues, and as this is a public forum I have chosen to give my own ‘two cents’/judgements/opinions/points-of-view/etc. on the subject; disclaimer: everything I post here is from a place of, In My Humble Opinion; so if you aren’t interested in my own perspective, feel free to simply skip the following.

JK Tea Shop (Ellen): I admire your choice to take this dialogue fully public (for your part in this dialog, at least, as you could have chosen to keep your responses private).

An apology seems to be a good start, as it is a gesture of goodwill and implies some level of responsibility (however small). Yet, based on your response here, I don’t see what you have offered to Lizeepa as addressing the problem. If I were in her shoes, and I still wanted the items sent, then offering me the option of rejecting the package is not going to solve my problem. As I see it (and obviously I can’t speak for Lizeepa) the problem is not about the items themselves, it is about how those items have been transported, and the communication regarding their transportation.

True, you don’t have control over what the postal service does. AND YET, you do have control over your commitments (in this case, what you put on your website as far as shipping times are concerned); my understanding is that you have many different choices to send packages out of China; so, if you have found the one you are using to be unreliable, then choose another. Otherwise, state their unreliability on your website; so, if 99% of the packages arrive within 25 business days, and if they take at least 15 business days, your website may state something to the effect of, takes 15 – 25 business days; and for the ones that take longer than 25 business days, do what you can TO MAKE IT UP TO THE CUSTOMER. I don’t know how things are done in China, but making every effort to make it up to the customer is a common business practice over here (I judge most successful businesses practice this approach).

Sentiments like, “we are responsible & serious tea company,” and “Tea quality, package and service is our top priority” mean nothing without actions to back up those claims. Don’t tell me, SHOW ME.

Based on your response here, I, for one, am not comfortable with even considering making an order from you in the future.

I invite you to listen to what Lizeepa wants and to make every effort at accommodate her (with more than just words).

You may already be aware of this, but like it or not your reputation is on the line (as is mine and anyone else’s that chooses to respond here). I counted at least a dozen people that have already responded to this thread (thus showing their interest in this matter), and I guess as many as up to five times that number of people may be following it (and may or may not respond at a later time). In the manner of your response to this issue you can make new customers as easily as you can turn them away. The choice is up to you.

jones5874 said

^^ very much agree with the above. Honesty and up front business practices are vital.

I have considered placing an order from this company, but am now hesitant to do so (sad, as they have such attractive teas/teawares!). Sometimes shipping does not go as intended, but if you state under your shipping information that there are sometimes issues, customers can take this into consideration and choose their shipping method accordingly. I do sympathize with the “stupid, rubbish China post office system” comment.

I have had issues with items from Amazon arriving many days late even though I paid extra for fast shipping. When I called them, they were apologetic and refunded me the difference in shipping costs. Even if a company offers great tea products, customers have many options and may chose based on customer service reputation.

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Scott B said

The whole 3 day shipping delay due to shipping address not matching billing address is probably a measure to protect the customer against someone fraudulently using their credit card.

I don’t really see what JK did wrong here. They shipped the order. They explained the delay. They apologized for the delay. They have offered a refund.

I had a dvd company in the States fail to send me an order because they didn’t have the last digit of my postal code-which is hilarious because so many times I have received packages where they had written down the WRONG last digit. Anyhow, I called them twice before they figured out what was wrong-the first time they insisted the order would be shipped in 48 hours and they did not even ask about my zip code. When I called them again a week later, I asked them why they didn’t call me right away when my order was ready to ship and they were like “It was on our list.” However, my order sat ready to ship for two weeks and they never called. They were content just to keep my money. They never apologized at all for the matter. No free shipping. Nothing.

I WISH they had taken the time to send me multiple e-mails to explain the situation like JK Tea Shop did (language barriers and all).

Cheryl said

After reading the whole thread, seeing the progression of things, I agree with your conclusion. And I’m glad JK explained their side, because it wasn’t looking good up to that point. Seems to me that things went badly when the email about the different shipping address was not read/received/whatever. But by then you were upset lizee. Understandable, but step back and see it from their point of view. Did they really do anything wrong? You can’t judge wording of the communications as harshly, when English is not their native language (my opinion). And that may have sparked the initial anger?

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