Is jkteashop still active?

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I have honestly yet to see online tea orders arrive at my house within anything close to the time frame suggested by the company. “We will email you when your order ships,” has also not been honored by a tea company yet. Admittedly, I have relatively little experience ordering tea online; but I have accepted this as normal by now, because that’s my entire experience.

Now, if I paid extra for fast shipping, I would be pissed and demanding a refund. Otherwise, lizeepea’s experience doesn’t seem weird to me, although I will certainly avoid the headache of ever paying extra for fast shipping, tracking, etc. I purchase smaller amounts, and if it arrives, it arrives, and if it doesn’t I am not out by too much money.

I no longer expect online orders to take anything less than forever to arrive in Canada. As long as the order COMES, I’m happy.

Zeks said

I second this. I never pay extra for fast shipping. Mostly because the main delay in shipping is usually not “in-transit” but various delays for actual shipping and days(weeks) until out customs finally bothers to process the package. And seller has no control over these.

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I personally do not think that a five day turn around from order placement to shipment of an order is an unreasonable time frame. Sometimes, companies get backlogged and the order gets delayed. Stuff happens. I am happily impressed when I receive an order that has been processed within a 24 – 48 hour time frame, and I often praise a company for that attention to customer service … but, I don’t think it’s bad customer service to have a package delayed for five days especially given the fact that it was leading up to a Chinese holiday.

Having ordered from JK Teashop in the past, I can say that I have received things much faster than I expected them to be delivered given the fact that the package was to be sent from China. And, their products are excellent.

I will also say that sometimes emails that have been sent get lost somewhere in the process. I have had an incident recently where I sent out emails to several different people and they did not receive them … and I even resent the emails on three to four different occasions and still the emails were not received. This happens. It’s frustrating.

An apology from JK Teashop for the unreceived email would have been a nicety, a gesture of good customer service … but really, it is no one’s fault when an email sent is not received. They have apologized, though, for the inconvenience.

I think also, some consideration should be made for some language barrier. Perhaps their emails that were received appeared to be “excuses” but, maybe were not intended to be, however, real intention can sometimes be lost in translation.

I think at this point, some “benefit of the doubt” by all parties would be a good thing.

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kOmpir said

I kind of regret for opening a topic that turned into the state of turmoil.
lizeepea, I won’t be giving any thoughts on your issue with JK Teashop, but I would advise that you don’t post pictures where your personal information are displayed, since those can be easily abused for malicious purposes.

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If we start talking about expectations (which I judge much of this is about), than clearly our own personal experiences are going to strongly shape our perception of what is reasonable, and what is not. Many have given examples of their own experiences with shipping , so I will give a brief summary of the two times I remember buying—and having the tea shipped direct—from China.

1) Jing Tea shop (NOT to be confused with JK Tea Shop): I can’t remember all of the details, but I do remember that it EASILY CAME within the time frame they committed to. I have exchanged a number of e-mails with the owners (both of whom are Chinese), and I never felt there was a ‘language barrier’.

2) TaoBao Buying Agent: the people who responded to my various e-mails were clearly not very fluent in English, but they seemed fluent enough to understand my questions and respond accordingly to my satisfaction. It took awhile for the tracking information to show up (it was something like 3-5 days after I was notified it was shipped), and then it would update at odd intervals (initially in Singapore, then a full week later in NYC, NY, then almost a week later in my town, to arrive the next day), but my package DID ARRIVE within the time-frame given.

I agree that it seems JK Tea Shop is making an effort to communicate here—and I commend them for that, and that there are things that are out of their control, and that it is easy to make mistakes when it comes to keeping track of e-mails, etc.; but communicating in a professional manner is part of the responsibility of running a business. No matter how well run the business is, someone somewhere somehow will eventually drop the ball. I don’t think that’s at issue here. I think the issue is WHAT happens WHEN it’s dropped—or, as the case may be, when it’s perceived it’s been dropped. I believe there is something to the saying, “The customer is always right”. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken literally, but it emphasizes the fact that any business would not be ‘in business’ were it not for it’s customers. So, even if the business feels it is ‘in the right’, when the customer feels the business is somehow ‘at fault’, the customers’ perception trumps the business’; as far as the customer is concerned, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is irrelevant: the customers will either get what they want/feel entitled to, or they won’t patronize the business again. (I recently heard a short commercial that stated, amongst other things, “We get it: it’s all about you!” Wise company, that one!)

A philosophical perspective follows:
I have had many times in my years of teaching where I felt I was ‘right’ and the student was ‘wrong’ but finally relented when I realized that what mattered most was the perceptions—and consequently the feelings—of my students, and that no reasonable amount of time and energy (it seemed, at least) would help them to see my viewpoint; so rather than continue to fight with them and prove I was in the ‘right’ (try reasoning with a kindergartener when they vehemently assert that it’s ‘their’ turn, and not ‘his’ turn, or try telling a three-year-old that a picture of an eagle is an ‘eagle’, and not just a ‘bird’). Giving in isn’t giving up, either; it’s oftentimes simply a matter of economics: what costs more, continuing to fight something out of principal because I feel I am ‘right’ (you can probably guess that I have just a teensy-weensy bit of experience here), or swallow my pride and let go of my need to be ‘right’ and give them what they want? Put simply: the cost of continuing to fight it = 10. The cost of giving in, letting go, and giving the other party what they want = ( I don’t know what number to put here, 7? 5? 3?, but definitely less than 10 ). So, even from a pragmatic standpoint (all moral or ethical standpoints aside), sometimes it’s better to let the other guy/gal have their way, no? ; – )

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First of all, thanks for all the suggestion and advice. And sorry for the problem causing for Lizeepa.

Since now the parcel is on the way to Canada, there is no way we can get this parcel back, only on the circumstance the receiver rejects the parcel. So in this case, the parcel will send back to the sender.

Hence, like I mentioned before, we will refund your payment immediately after you reject this parcel.

Also, we did send the email to double check & confirm the delivery address, which we have already sent the screenshot from our email box; for some reason, the email has been lost in somewhere, that is how the problem comes into being.

Best wishes,

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candlelite said

I’m going to offer some advice here that I hope you take. First, yes, the shipping estimates are absurd. However, typically, online shipping does not include processing time. If you order on Christmas eve, your package won’t go out the next sucks, but it’s true. You did get tracking, but overseas tracking always sucks, so it’s not your package specifically at all. The refund policy is also quite standard, as there is a common scam with people demanding refunds before the package arrives, then keeping it. It’s normal policy, and you shouldn’t take it personally. I understand you’re upset, and you can give the package some time to arrive and decline it, or dispute it to PayPal. I think you’re giving this undue stress, either way. I’m stressed just reading it!

More importantly, you really, really need to stop posting your personal information. We believe you, you don’t need to prove to us! If I were you, I’d remove those photos ASAP, change your PayPal account to another email address, and consider limiting posts to this topic and letting it die off. If you can close or delete it, all the better. The information you posted is enough for serious identity theft. I worry for you more than your tea! I hope you take this piece of advice, at least, and I wish you the best.

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Zeks said

May I suggest the moderation of this topic? Because it seems like even though the seller accepted to refund like a responsible one(which is good), lizeepea just can’t stop escalating the whole thing >_<

>50% of this thread by now should’ve happened in private emails before the issue sheould’ev even been mentioned here…

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Zeks said

To balance things out a bit(so as not to scare people who actually came here to check out about tea company, not chinese postal services):

I am thorougly satisfied with JK Tea Shop.
I have received packages from them for more than a year without any problems.
The tea was good in all of them.
I do believe they are a good company.
I will continue ordering from them. :)

They might not be as precise with delivery times (as it turns out), but I consider a matter of few days negligible.

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DukeGus said

I got a friend that get tea ONLY from jkteashop and most of their teas(when he share them with me) are just amazing!

I asked him and for 2 years he never had any kind of problem and one time that his package was very late, they send him another one, and at the end, both packets arrived and he paid for 1 packet of tea and he got 2 :)

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Missy said

I’ve been watching this thread for a while now. I would buy from jkteashop. In fact, I’ve already told my fiance that I want some tea ware from them for my birthday and x-mas. Since they have some loyal tea drinkers on Steepster I may try to work some tea in there too. ;)

Yeah, I mean this thread basically informs me there’s an active company sending stuff out and people are getting it. Even with the shipping, I’d be paying half the amount for some of their stuff than I’ve already paid in physical stores. Obviously though, I will not pay for tracking if it doesn’t work.

Bubbles said

I have been watching this thread. I decided to make a purchase. I just didn’t pay extra for the tracking. ;)
Personally, the whole not being able to track it until it is in my country is something I seem to encounter whenever I order something from overseas, as are shipping delays. Nothing about the issues mentioned here alarmed me.

Missy said

Meh, I’ve encountered tracking problems with things sent with in my country so I think most of the time it’s useless. You have to depend on the people who are delivering it to actually scan things appropriately. I’ve had several experiences where that wasn’t true.

Zeks said

Actually tracking works most of the time. I usually don’t bother but a few orders I’ve placed with them exceeded track-less limit and it tracked somewhat normally. Delayed a bit but tracked nevertheless. Ofc, I wouldn’t ever order for tracking specifically if I can avoid it.

Missy said

I’ve had several packages say they have been delivered to me 3 or 4 days before they actually have. This is where I learned how tracking works. I trudged down to the post office and spoke with the manager there. Tracking only works as well as the people who are delivering it use it.

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