How to make tea lattes?

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keychange said

I have a question that may be stupid. If we want our lattes as strong as possible, why not just heat the milk up (say in the microwave, or on the stove if you’re fancy like that) and then just steep right in the milk, then froth the bad boy and drink away? am I missing something?

Lala said

I have done this before. Usually it works well, depending on the tea. The biggest problem I found is I can’t seem to get the milk hot enough without burning it. Also I find the tea doesn’t get as strong when steeping in milk. It works well with green tea though.

LuckyMe said

Actually this is exactly how tea/chai is made in some parts of the world particularly in South Asian countries. Tea leaves or bags are simmered directly in milk with spices and sugar on the stove.

I don’t think simmering in milk alone will create a strong brew because you can only boil milk for so long before you impair flavor. For strong brewed tea, simmer the tea leaves in water and then add then add milk as needed to your “tea concentrate.”

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