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Steepster Select #009 Discussion (SPOILERS)

For those who participated in the Steepster Select #009, post pictures and discuss away! If you missed out on this month you can sign up for the next one here => http://steepster.com/select


Ancient Yellow Buds from Rishi Tea: http://steepster.com/teas/rishi-tea/5683-ancient-yellow-buds

Silver Needle from Pekoe Tea: http://steepster.com/teas/pekoetea/2529-silver-needle

Golden Monkey from Teas Etc.: http://steepster.com/teas/teas-etc/2577-golden-monkey

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Azzrian said

I am extremely happy with this month’s selection! Silver Needle is one of my favorite teas, and I am happy to try new companies! I had the yellow bud on my shopping list so you can’t beat that!
I also got a mesh basket in my box as a welcome to Steepster Select gift. I could never have too many of those!
Thanks Jason!

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I am also very happy with May’s selection! After last month’s disappointing box, this one MORE than makes up for it … just the yellow tea more than makes up for it! Yay!

@Azzrian: that mesh basket that came in the welcome box is my favorite strainer. I use it all the time to filter my tea when pouring from my Breville pot to my tea cup, just in case there are tiny particles that filtered through the breville basket. I’m not fond of floaters in my tea, so this works so well for that.

Azzrian said

Ah the Breville – one day I shall have one :)

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I love this months box. This was my first box and got the mesh strainer basket as well, I love it! I already have a few but as Azzrian said you can never have too many!

The teas are wonderful, I tried all three the day they came in! Granted they weren’t very well tastings, but I had to try them right away, they all smelled and looked wonderful and I could not choose just one to try.

I’m not a big fan of black teas, so that one is going to my mom for mother’s day. She enjoys a good cup of black tea. I love Silver Needles and have some from a few different companies, but the one tea that I’m really enjoying from this box that I’ve heard good things about was the yellow tea! It’s wonderful and I’m very glad I’m getting to try it. Thank you Jason!

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Javan said

Here is my note on the silver needle – A lovely tea, pale, flavorful, excellent. Has hints of what they call melon, but I’d call cucumber, slightly tangy, and an overall really excellent tea enjoyed by my whole family. I’d buy more but I couldn’t quite figure out the ordering!

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I love this box, I too was a little disappointed by last months trio, but this box is more than I could have thought of myself! I definetly have a new found love for yellow tea, and it steeped up beautifully so many times. The golden monkey is very nice as well, probably the most savory of this type that I’ve had.

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