JasonCT said

Greenpeace says it finds tainted Lipton tea bags in China

“(Reuters) – Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace said on Tuesday that an investigation it had conducted found tea bags sold in China by Unilever’s Lipton brand contained unsafe levels of pesticide residue, though Unilever said the product was safe and to standard.”

Full text can be found here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/24/us-unilever-china-quality-idUSBRE83N0AT20120424

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WtFGoD said

thankgod everyone here dodged that bullet??? :D

Kittenna said


Azzrian said

LOL!! gutter sludge


Hahahaha that’s great.

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Zeks said

Lipton, trying to sell tea in … China ?:) lol

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CupofTree said

Well that would explain the awful taste of Lipton teabags! I wonder what that same test would turn up if it was done in the US.

CupofTree said

um, woa, what’s happening to the message boards lol

Sil select said

Glad it’s not just me!

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My family drinks their weight in Lipton daily, and I grew up on it. They still think I am nuts for drinking hot tea. And of course if it is not Lipton, it is not worth trying. Gag.

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