My new tea.. blog.. thing? [Contest Winner Announced!]

NEWS :The site is up and running! We have a contest from May1st- May 15th, check it out. Free tea!

Winner of the contest announced!

Heeey guys. So I am sheepishly posting this thread to let you know that I’m starting a tea blog type thing! ack – I’m nervous. I don’t know why.

It will also have recipes and stuff, but mostly tea because when you are obsessed with something, you want to share that with others, AMIRITE?

haha – so anyways! I hope I’m not breaking rules – I just wanted to share what I’m working on with my Steepster family because you guys make my life worth living. Truly.

So it’ll be up soon, at !
You can enter your email if you want and I’ll let you know when it’s up :)

Can you tell that I don’t have a job yet? Man it’s hard to break in in Halifax – but this will keep me busy until then.

Oh! This will also be the blog where I will host some humungous tea swaps!! (that I mentioned in a tasting note forever ago) I can’t wait, it’s gonna be an awesome time! So – yeah!

Let the countdown begin? haha!
(pls be nice o_o)

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Azzrian said

Can’t wait to see it grow! I added myself to the email notifications and followed you on twitter!
You should put this link on your profile too!

oo good idea – I’ll do that! Thanks :D!

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Raritea said

Good luck with your blog! I will definitely check it out when it is up!

Thanks~! I hope to have it done sooner rather than later ^^

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Erin said

I ventured into the blog world as well! You will rock at it! If you love what you do, it never feels like work ;)

Here’s mine if you’re interested ;) and i’m on twitter too: @erinstea

Good luck!

Thanks Erin!
I looove that you have so many videos – I’m watching them while I take off the neon nailpolish I have on for my temp agency job interview tomorrow haha!

ooh fellow prairie girl!
I just moved from Regina, SK to Halifax last month, but I’ll always be a prairie girl at heart (Go Riders :P )

Erin said

And yup! Winnipeg! Good Luck on the interview!! That’s quite the move!! Must be beautiful out there though :) (Go Bombers lol)

Thanks! Don’t worry, I totally respect your CFL choice :)
Especially because I now live in a province with no CFL team :( Not that I’m a huge raving fan or anything. But you know!

Anyways! Thank you :) If you ever want to come for a visit, I highly recommend it

Kittenna said

Eeee! Riders! :D :D :D :D

That is all.

Erin said

LOL at all the football references. I’m not a huge Football fan lol

tigress_al said

Lol, GO RIDERS!!!! Good luck DaisyChubb in the east coast! I will check out your blog and can’t wait to see the huge tea swaps!
Erin- just checked out your blog, I like all the videos

Thanks guys!
This may have been foolish, but I insisted we find room to bring our GIANT Rider fleece blanket to Halifax so I could be reminded of home. It’s so soft. :)

Kittenna said

Hehehehe, fabulous. I had my parents purchase and bring me a Rider shirt when they visited last summer because all I had was a bunnyhug – totally inappropriate for games in a heated dome. Also, that reminds me, where the * did my giant Rider umbrella get to?? It definitely didn’t come with me to Guelph, and I don’t think it’s in my parents’ basement… so here’s hoping my boyfriend has it tucked away somewhere! Don’t know how I could have lost it…

Ok ok I’ll stop now. :D

Erin said

What is with all the Riders fans?! ;)
Thanks Tigress_al It’s a lot of work/fun to make them.
I also have a tea fan page if you guys haven’t checked it out. All we talk about is tea lol

Oh and because SK doesn’t have a NHL team GO JETS GO lol teehee.

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Your blog sounds like it will be awesome! I had so many little projects going on for the time I was unemployed too. My abandoned blog is undoubtedly lonely. :( Good luck during your interview! I’m sure you’ll be great! I’m a temp myself at the moment. :)

Aw thanks :)
I think the interview will go alright, as long as there is a job out there until the fall! When all the students go back to school and I take their DavidsTea jobs.. right? That’s how it works right? lol

Oh man, I wish. I went to my David’s Tea and bought and bunch of samples and ask the employees how they got their job. All of the workers said they knew someone or had a friend who knew someone. Every single one. I hope you know somebody on the inside. :/

Bah I hear ya. And I know all about the “inside” thing – it’s why I don’t have a job in Theatre (yet?)

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Hrmm… zombies… scaaaary.

Good luck with the blog! It looks nice so far. What are you using to code/publish?

Zombies are the best, I must say.
Wordpress! I’ve done a few websites for others on it before, but I’m still figuring out the easiest way to use it haha

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cool – good luck! I’m considering starting a blog as well but I don’t know if I should use Blogger, WordPress or just go the easy way out and start with Tea Trade.

I know the feeling!
To be honest, I’ve used Blogger in the past and I’ve Wordpress. Although I’m using WP now, I think I prefer Blogger in a way. It’s very user friendly and I find it a bit simpler – Wordpress is a little overwhelming, everything is taking me twice as long as it should. That said, Tea Trade also looks very user friendly – and perfect for a tea blog! So there, that wasn’t too helpful, but that’s my little experience! :)

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Have fun!! and good luck! looks great so far :)
I’ve been thinking about tea blogging, but I can’t imagine… it’d take me away from steepster haha

I know right? haha this whole “not having a job yet” thing has given me time for both. That’s why I had to throw some recipes in there too :D

funny, when I have a job, all I want is time off… but when I have no job, all I want is a way to make money, and keep me occupied… ie. A JOB!!!! lol

Oh man I know that feeling! It really sucks… no day feels like a weekend. Every day feels like a lethargic nothingness. With the guilt of being jobless. Well, I’m going to try to make the weekend feel like the weekend tomorrow somehow :)

tea will help with that! :P

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I signed up just to see whether it’s the zombies or the tea server who wears the neon nail polish. Well, also to see if the teas are to serve to or ward off the zombies.

hahaha you are amazing!
This has opened up a whole new avenue of undead nail polish ideas. Well, someone has to fill the niche :D

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JasonCT said

I look forward to it!

Thanks Jason! I’ve been meaning to say – the picture you have for your avatar is brilliant

JasonCT said

Thanks Frankenstein enjoys his tea and toast too ;)

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david said

Can’t wait to see it!

Thanks! Four days o_o The pressure’s on.

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