iHeartTeas New Product Launch & Video Review By Erins Tea

Hello my tea friends I have officially launched a line of new handcrafted teas and other tea inspired beauty products such as perfume oils, bath teas, and more. Below is a link to my blog post. I hope you take the time to read it. I am so very excited about this new direction my life has taken me. It’s great that I’ve been able to combine my creativity with my love of tea.

http://iheartteas.teatra.de/2012/04/iheartteas-new-tea-products-launch/ – Blog Post
www.iHeartTeas.com – Blog & TeaShop
www.Etsy.com/shop/iHeartTeas – New Shop with Teas & Tea Inspired Beauty Products Created By Me
www.ErinsTea.com – A video review of my blends “Strawberry Island” and “Raspberry & Apricot Green Tea Delight”. (Thanks again Erin!)

Thanks for reading in advance. Your support means a lot too me. I started on Steepster as a tea drinker just like many of you and have developed so many wonderful relationships here that I was so eager to share with you here where tea has taken me now.

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Azzrian said

Congratulations!!! VERY proud of you and KNOW that you DESERVE this big step! :)

That’s, I appreciate that very much. Especially coming from my biggest fan. Disclaimer: Does not include hubby and daughter as they’d be angry if I didn’t make them number one :). I hope you understand.

Azzrian said

haha indeed :)

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I wish you all the best, Rachel! I’ll be placing an order soon. :)

Thanks Susan. Of course I appreciate it very much. I wonder, is there particular item of mine that you’re most intrigued with?

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Erin said

All the best to you Rachel, i Heart you ;)

Thanks Erin. You’re too sweet and thank you so much for reviewing my teas. So happy you enjoyed them :)

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