Kusmi is having free shipping until Mother’s Day and I’m thinking of buying something…is it worth it? Or is it just tea in a fancy looking tin? Any kinds you’d recommend?

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Azzrian said

I have not tried it but my best advice until others chime in is to refer you to this:

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Dinosara said

I agree that you should look at some of the teas on here at the link that Azzrian posted, but in general the Kusmi teas I have tried have been very, very well done. The Caramel is particularly a favorite among many Steepsterites, and I’ve enjoyed that one as well as the Red Fruits blend and St. Petersburg.

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Tamm said

Caramel and Four Red Fruits are very, very good. I have a whole bunch of the Cinnamon and it is also a very amazing tea.

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cteresa said

I am not crazy for them. they are ubiquitous round my parts, and the tins are very pretty indeed but none of their teas (and I keep trying) has ever really wowed me. Maybe unfairly, dunno, but I file them on the gimmicky tea-meant-for-presents category. ( a bit like fauchon as well. name and image)

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My favorite Kusmi tea is St. Petersburg. If you like flavored blacks such as Harney’s Paris, you would probably like St. Petersburg. The tins hold more than 4 oz. of tea, which can last a long time.

I’ve tried Caramel as well; I think it’s OK but doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

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