Island Mango Black Tea Replacement

I’ve been drinking tea all my life, but only recently started drinking tea for the purpose of waking me up. The only problem with that, is that I’ve never really liked the taste of black tea. So I ordered a random flavored one from Celestial Seasonings with the reasoning that I would just try them all till I found one I liked. I managed to find one I loved, the Island Mango Black Tea, only problem is right after I fell in love with it they discontinued it.

So I’m looking for a good replacement! Basically just good, flavored black tea. With the flavor being strong enough to mask the black tea taste.

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Dustin said

I think you need better tea! There are a ton of different types of black teas with a variety of flavors that can be brought out in the leaf alone. If you have a good base and a tea company that knows how to play off those and add other flavors, you can get some pretty phenomenal teas. Another thing that had me turned off of black tea for years was that I was steeping it too long. I currently steep most blacks at just under boiling for 3-4 minutes. Anything much longer than that and you get a bitter yucky cup. Companies like CS do decent herbal teas, but I was always turned off by their black teas and it likely has to do with cheap ingredients and incorrect preparation on my part. I’d suggest getting a variety pack from a place like David’s Tea, so you can sample several types and explore. If you are looking specifically for mango, I’d see what Lupicia has, although mango may be seasonal for them.

Cheyenne could try Lupicia Alphonso Mango black tea an online exclusive!
IMO Lupicia has some good flavored teas.

That sounds delicious! I will definitely check it out!

I’d definitely second the Lupicia recommendation for flavored teas. Their Alphonso Mango black tea and Ripe Mango Oolong are both delicious.

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Thanks, Dustin!

I’ll start focusing more on my steep time. A variety pack is a wonderful suggestion! I’ll start with David’s tea and see how it goes!

Baring in mind that I’m employed by DAVIDsTEA so I have some bias…

I don’t know where you’re located so this might not be a possibility, but if you are able to get to a DAVIDsTEA in person I would ask for a smaller sample size (20-50g) of either Maracuja Mango or Mango Madness. Those are the two mango teas we carry year round, so that could be a good starting point in regards to finding a replacement mango tea.

Marajuga Mango will be the one that is closer to Island Mango, though.

Dustin said

They will also have their advent calendar coming out soonish which is a fun and festive way to get to know the brand.

An advent calendar would be a lot of fun! Does it usually come out closer to December?

They actually have 3 different calendars this year:

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