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New companies suggestions and warnings

Placing an order w/ a company for the 1st time? Here’s the place to get recommendations on good products and warnings on ones people have found to be less than favorable.

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Cofftea said

I’m going to… ugh… place an order w/ The Tea Farm to get the free tea of the month. I gave some tea to a friend so I have a little cupboard space… I’m looking to purchase one tea (individual, not sampler) and I’m looking for suggestions. I’m open to any suggestions as look as it’s available in the 2oz size (not all are)… which is too bad cuz I really wanna try their vinegar black.

Cofftea said

A warning about The Tea Farm… they don’t tell you the base tea of their flavored teas and never returned my emails.

Interesting. They also don’t list the ingrediants in the tea only a main ingrediant. You have to read the description and assume the other ingrediants. I am suprised that there is a company out there that dont even return a simple email also.

Cofftea said

after 6 days I finally heard back, but they didn’t answer either of my questions!

Shanti said

I’m a little confused…do most companies list every single flavoring in their flavored teas that don’t have any actual fruits in them? I’ve never noticed that, although some do say “artificial flavoring”. It seems like they list the actual “foods” and plants used in the blend. For example, Rose oolong tea blend has “rosebuds” and “oolong tea” listed in ingredients. Another example: Masala chai lists all of the actual “food”/“plant” solid ingredients (Black tea, cinnamon, Cardamon, and ginger). It just seems like a kind of frivolous thing to criticize them for, especially when most companies do the same thing on their website, or even less!

However, you’re right, the lack of answering the questions in the email is kind of strange…but if they didn’t answer your questions, what did they say in the email? confused

I try to list all the known ingredients that I can, in order of what the tea has the most of till the least. You don’t know if someone may have a reaction to something. Most of the time you wont see 100% if there is not a signaficant amount in there. I just found it interesting thats all I have not seen before under ingredients for a blend to just say green tea then you read the description for the others. It just seemed odd. I may be the odd one who knows.

Shanti said

Sorry, just wondering, do you see any teas on there that are blends that don’t list the ingredients other than just “tea”? I didn’t come across any, hence my reply, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough. It seemed like almost all the flavored teas did not have any pieces of fruit or chocolate or spice blended in them—just artificial flavoring. Like I mentioned earlier, of the few companies that list their ingredients, even fewer state these artificial flavorings. The flavored teas that were blends listed under “ingredients” the different components (see the masala chai and rose oolong I referenced above.)

By the way, the only reason I’m bringing this all up is that this is not a huge company, and a review on a well-read tea site like this could easily kill a lot of their sales. While that’s fair if the criticism is legit, I’d hate to see people dissuaded from buying from this company because of accusations that are unfounded/no different from other sites.

I just noticed that they were all listed in the product discription. They had an ingredient section (next to the photo of the tea) for the ones I looked at that only listed the main ingredient (green tea). Just interesting way of presenting the informaiton. I am sure everything is great. It is only an observation.

Sarah said

I believe listing all of the ingredients is very important! Especially, when it comes to flavored or blended teas. So, what does it mean to list an ingredient as a “natural flavor”?

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Janefan said

neither a suggestion nor warning, just an announcement:

New online company just opened – Chicago Tea Garden:

(owned by the blogger at

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