(Semi)-live blogging from Spring 2012 tea harvest in Fujian, China.

Hi all,

Since I’ll be spending the next week or so hopping around tea farms, I’m going to be updating my blog here as and when I can (occasionally bad internet access around the farm areas).

First installment is here, not really much because it was still raining yesterday, but sun is out today and I’m off to Wuyi Shan now (look out for updates in the next few days)


[UPDATE] Part 3 here now. It’s still raining and nobody’s picking tea, so here’s a little guide to how Wuyi Oolong teas should be made, if we can ever get the sun to come out. Come on Steepsterino’s, cross those fingers!

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kOmpir said

I’m definitely keeping my eye on this.

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Javan said

Very interesting peak into a world I know little about. Check out the photos on the flickr feed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Thanks! VERY cool pictures.

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Part two of the blog is here now, from Wuyi Shan in Fujian. Again, a bit rainy but got to see some production of the Yan Cha from this area:



Kittenna said

Love it! Keep us posted as to more blog updates; I’d love to read more :D

I’ll keep adding stuff on this thread, really glad you like it. A little haitus now though, because the forecast tomorrow is “heavy-to-torrential rain”!

I read both posts and loved them! I also really enjoy seeing all of the great pictures. I hope the rain lets up for all of you there can continue to harvest, and process, all of that great Chinese tea for all of us here (and, of course for all the tea lovers there, too)!

@SimpliciTEA – thanks!

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This is pretty awesome. And I’m totally jealous, so there :P

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Azzrian said

what a wonderful life experience for you! Enjoy every moment!! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

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finally the rain stopped! An updated blog entry here:

This one’s from Anxi, and also updated photos on the flickr feed:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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