The Insanity of LP's 2018 11.11 Taobao/TMall Group Buy

Since IG has been an area where I connect with 300+ people a month I kind of switched over to that platform.
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Please read the post and let me know if you have questions or interest. This is about to be absolutely absurd and by far my largest group buy to date!

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meowster said

interested in whites, cakes, and special hookups

Just message me how much you want to put into each category

meowster said

how much do ppl typically put?

And what are the cake tiers like? and hookups?

and what do others typically spend?

lol this is hard

Everyone will be different but let’s say someone puts $50 for oolong and I buy 5 kinds. That means I split the money up and its $10 of each oolong. Hard to say how the rest will look but I suspect maybe 15kg of oolong overall depending on how many sign up.

meowster said

how fancy will the whites, sheng, and special hookup be?

It’s hard to say… I’m looking at aged whites, red jade whites, ect… the sheng will be all over the place, and the hookup will just be insane things.

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derk said

I’m interested but confused. So, I tell you how much money I have to put down and the dollar amount per category?

If I go back to Ohio for the holidays this year, I’d be more than happy to help with the breaking up.

That’s exactly correct!

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The spreadsheet is now live on my end so if you’re wanting in make sure to let me know how much and where or contact me for any additional information.

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Ken said

IM so in, I sent a message with amount.

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I may put a limit on sign ups. Crossed $2000 and I know theres quite a few more amounts I’m waiting on.

Feel free to contact me at any time about this

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Last day to confirm you want in and amounts is set as Oct 26th.
Hit $4400 yesterday… this blew up much quicker than I could have predicted

apefuzz said

Just making sure you got my message on IG – cincinna.tea. Let me know if I need to contact you again. Thanks!

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37 people so far. Down to just a day to join up.

Already preordered quite a bit:)

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