10% off Coupon Code for iHeartTeas.com (FEW CODES LEFT 5/3/12)

As a way to help kick things off the first 10 people to place an order with www.iHeartTeas.com will get 10% off just use this coupon code…


You better act quickly. Don’t want to miss your chance to save.

Only 5 Coupon Codes left as of 5/1/12
Coupon Code is only valid at my Tea Trade site and not Etsy

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ChaMei select said

Can’t resist a coupon nor mystery samples!

Thank you! :) I’ve got your order and will be working on it immediately.

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Still more codes left. It’s not over yet. Although, you’d better hurry or you may miss out. :)

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Ferronic said

Fantastic! Thanks. Your signature blends sound delicious! Yay coupons!

ChaMei select said

I agree. Hoping the sampler pack that Rachel selects will favour her personal blends. Also hoping to see a few retired 52teas that I’ve never tried but I’m confident because I love surprises.

ChaMei – Just finished putting yours together. I am confident you will enjoy my choices based on your comment above. Tea-He don’t want to give away any secrets. It will be shipped out tomorrow morning so you will find out this week.

Ferronic – I am putting together yours now. I’ll be happy to include one of my new blend samples as well. I was considering making it a surprise. Hope you like surprises as much as I do. :)

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Azzrian said

Her Strawberry Apricot is really VERY good!

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I’ve got a few more codes left so if you were considering it. It’s now time to act.

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