Which Darjeeling teas do you like most??

Had the opportunity to taste the following Darjeeling Teas from www.darjeelingteaboutique.com

1. Avongrove First Flush ’12 (Euphoria Supreme)
2. Avongrove First Flush ’12 (FTGFOP1)
3. Mim First Flush ’12 (Clonal)
4. Badamtam First Flush ’12


Share your experiences for the first flush teas of Darjeeling.

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Excelsior said

I’m interesting in trying the Mim First Flush. What is the differences in the several Mim Darjeeling teas you have listed?

My favorites for FF 2011 were:
Namring Upper
Margaret’s Hope
Namring DJ1

In the order listed above and all from Mariage Freres. Interested in trying out their Sivitar and Risheehat for 2012. I am always willing to try new Darjeelings so maybe I’ll order the the Mim and the Avongrove FF (Euphoria Supreme). I don’t quite understand the free trial offer. Can you explain this to me?

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We just have one MIm (Clonal) variety now. The others are out of stock.
Avongrove FF (Euphoria Supreme) is probably the best of the season. (You won’t like Mim clonal FF after sipping Avongrove. You must have seen the pics.
After taking this Avongrove, this green tea addicts appears to have looped over to FF variety.

The free trial is the facility of being able to taste upto 4 servings of the teas so purchased free of cost. On being unsatisfied, or the teas appearing contrary to the that catalogued or photographed, the package could be returned and the “entire cost” of teas so bought would be returned.
Haven’t been in such a situation though.

You may also checkout our FAQ section for more details

Tried the Badamtam variety. It had a typical first flush bitterness of the Darjeeling Teas

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Both the Avongrove First Flush 2012 is excellent apart from the Mim Clonal 2012 teas

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