English brands - Which one do you recommend?

Hello guys,
I came across this UK British-Polish shop in Warsaw. I am interested in British tea brands. Although Poland is in the top 3 of tea consumers in Europe, there are no many choices available. Commercial (and awful IMO) Lipton dominates the market. Anyways, heres the link to the shop and varieties of tea. Which one would you recommend? I am looking for a manly tea, strong aroma but little bitterness:

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Arby said

Yorkshire and Taylors are classic popular favourites for everyday tea. The Buckingham Palace Darjeeling and English Breakfasts are both fabulous. The Twinings Darjeeling is also very, very good. Typhoo has a nice English Breakfast (so I’ve heard), but I’ve never actually tried it myself.

Thanks for reply! We got Twinings in Poland so I won’t be interested. Yorkshire and Taylors aren’t available here. Same with The Buckingham but they seem to be too expensive for me. What do you thinkg about Waitrose? Never heard about them. They seem to be a nice mix of quality and price.

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Rob said

Hello, interesting website. For English Breakfast type of teas, the only ones I would buy are Waitrose or the Marks & Spencer “Extra Strong”. I would avoid the over priced Fortnum & Mason and the touristy products. However, British tea is rather narrow in scope and if you are familiar with Twinnings, then there is not much else to explore here.

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Teatotaler said

PG Tips is very good, I think. It’s one of my favorite British teas. Definitely strong and manly!

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