Taiwan Tea Connection - Premium Oolong Tea Sampler Sets (@ 50% off)

Taiwan Tea Connection is an online tea store specializing in Taiwan’s premium oolong teas. To celebrate our launch, we have created the following sampler sets. Each set introduces three Taiwan oolong teas with distinctive flavors and is offered at a great value price (@ 50% off compared to regular tea leaves).

· “The Three Classics” Sampler (24 grams) $5.99 – includes WenShan BaoZhong, traditional Tung Ting [charcoal-roasted], and High Mountain AliShan

· “New-Style Taiwan Oolong” Sampler (24 grams) $5.29 – includes High Mountain ShanLinXi, Tung Ting – Formosa Red, and oolong-style Black Tea

· “Our Favorites” Sampler (24 grams) $5.99 – includes Tung Ting – High Mountain Symphony [charcoal-roasted], traditional Tung Ting [charcoal-roasted], and High Mountain AliShan

Use the Discount Code “SamplerSet” to get $1.00 off shipping when you purchase any sampler set.

Come visit us at www.TaiwanTeaConnection.com !!!

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