kOmpir said

Entry-level digital camera for 'tea shoot' ?

I’m currently using my Nokia N95 5 MP camera. It gives me a hard time when I want to take up close photos of tea leaves. Auto contrast and lightning sucks too.

Can someone recommend a digital camera that doesn’t cost too much (entry-level actually) but is flexible in manual adjustment of settings (like focus).

I’m a noob in terms of digital cameras.

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Zeks said

Heh, this reminds me of this:

Probably a cassia seedling. I had bought a bit of cassia seeds at that time and it seemed to have grown from within the leaves that were not washed down the drain.

Taken by Powershot S5 IS… although I don’t think it’s what you want for close shoots. The camera has some features, but its digital and it says it all :(

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teaenvy said

i love my 8mp cannon sure shot. im not sure what the price is these days but it handles closeups really well. it even has a macro lense. no matter what you do lighting makes a huge difference. try using a white background with a white light bulb in a stand alone lamp. dont use the flash but make sure there is enough light for a fast exposure or use a tripod and the auto timer. you have to minimize camera shake.
also takr your photo on the highest resolution possible. its often better to take a midrange shot and crop the image and blow it up than to try to get the perfect close shot.

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Canon PowerShots are good entry-level, all around cameras… they have decent macro, and I believe will run you somewhere around $200-$250 I have a Rebel XS with 50mm ff lens… but that might be a bit out of your price range, and it’s not really the right lens for the job, anyway.

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