Best teas from ESP Emporium?

Hey all! I recently got a special deal on my Kindle that let me buy a $35 coupon to ESP Emporium for $15. I’ve never ordered from this company before, so I have no idea what’s any good. I browsed some of the reviews here, but I still don’t know what to get. Half the teas that interested me were sold out. Currently, I’m considering English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Japanese Cherry Green Tea, and Exotic Fruit Green/Oolong Tea. But even if I buy all of those, I still have about $12 to burn through. Could any of you who have tried ESP Emporium teas recommend something? I really trust your opinions. Thanks in advance!

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Can’t say I’ve ever shopped there, but you can go here:

And see what people have reviewed. Doesn’t look like that many people have bought and reviewed from there though.

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Dinosara said

FYI, some of ESP’s teas come from Dethlefsen & Balk, a large wholesaler who supplies a lot of blends to a lot of tea companies, so make sure something you’re going to order isn’t something you’ve already tried (if you didn’t like it, that is). I tend not to like the fruit flavoring of D&B blends (I find them a little artificial), so I try to avoid them now, but YMMV.

I have been very pleased with some of the teas I’ve ordered from ESP, including the Earl Grey Cream, the Wild Grey Green, Shalimar Oolong, and the China Rose Black.

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I recently found a similar deal for espemorium. I hadn’t tried them before but I haven’t been disappointed with any of the teas I’ve bought and tried recently. These are good:
Vanilla Black
Butter Truffle
Strawberry/Lemon/Basil Rooibos
Japan Genmaicha
Russian Samovar
Roasted Almond
Spicy Chai

The two I tried that weren’t as good as the teas above: Strawberry/Lichee green and Miami Ice

Haven’t tried yet:
Formosa Oolong

Four of those were free samples though!

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LefTea said

I got a similar deal from my Kindle and got the bon bon, orange cookie, cinnamon bon, and pina colada. I’ve only had the bon bon so far but if you see my review you’ll see I adore it. Seriously, if I could marry this tea, I would.

I hope the others are as good and if my Kindle has the offer again still (I saw it a few days ago before I was able to try any of the tea) I’ll probably get it to get more.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies! I finally made my decision and ended up getting the following: Japan Matcha Genmaicha, Bon Bon, China Rose Black, Caramel Black, and Sencha Orchid Berry. They just arrived today, so be on the lookout for tasting notes!! :D

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