Favorite Tea Mug?

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I have just a plain white ceramic one from Wegmans that holds 16oz. Fits perfectly in my hands. I also love a little clay one my friend Liz sent me – tiny, so I use it with a pot, but darling.

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I have a big fat 16oz seafoam green mug from a vacation spot in WV that my husband proposed and where we went for our mini honeymoon.

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Ferronic said

I love my red “Perfect Mug” from David’sTEA. I’m so jealous of the space invaders one! My favourite looking one is: http://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Gogh-Exploding-Tardis-Ceramic/dp/B007KAOD42/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1337048238&sr=1-2

I counter your Van Gogh with a Van Gogh w/ an exploding Tardis.

LOL … Starry Night is perfect without an exploding Tardis.

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I drink a lot of green tea and I like seeing the color of it. For that reason, I’m partial to clear glass mugs. This is my favorite so far. Perfect size, lightweight, the infuser is nice and large, and the glass doesn’t break easily.

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ZDGrant said

I love my Exotic Teapot glass infuser mug
The shape of the handle is so pretty and its so nice to hold.
For english breakfast I normally use my cream scrabble mug with my initial on it.

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Joe said

This mug from Amazon is my favorite

It has an infuser and the lid acts as a stand for the infuser. The only downside is that the inside is white. If you use it to steep black tea it tends to stain.

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VeryPisces said

I love Mara mugs, but I haven’t found the kinds I like with a white interior. Still, they are my favorite, and it just so happens that the porcelain infuser and lid from a mug that broke fit this mug wonderfully. Yay!

I’m drinking from this one now (only mine is more pink while the color here is more gray)

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noordelijk said

This little guy!



There are four of them that came with a matching teapot. I enjoy the smaller cups rather than large mugs, and I like how they feel more sturdy than my porcelain teacups.

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I really like my cup that says, “Coffee is not my cup of tea” because it makes me laugh every time :)

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Anybody have diff cup/mugs they use for diff teas? Maybe I’m a big nerd….?

For example, I have a lovely jade earthenware cup I use for green / genmai cha

But for Earl Grey or English Breakfast, I use my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mug that my kids got me (my kids are huge Sherlock & Dr Who fans, and we support/enable our respective Anglophilic leanings). PS: I’m a confirmed Nerd. There is no ‘Maybe’. It’s certified

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