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Yorkshire Gold vs. Yorkshire Gold Luxury Blend

Ignorant American here. I had resisted buying any of the standard British teas like Tetley, Yorkshire, or PG Tips because I figured they would all taste more or less the same as Lipton. How wrong I was.

This weekend I bought a box of Yorkshire Gold bags out of curiosity (and because I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking how unlikely it is that I’ll ever get back to the UK.) Brewed a large cup this morning and YUM! I immediately wrote up a favorable review.

But here’s the thing: after I had saved it, I realized I had attached the review to something called “Yorkshire Gold Luxury Blend” bags, and that there was another tea listing that was simply called Yorkshire Gold.

So I snatched up my box, seeing that it actually looked more like the photo for the presumably NOT luxury blend Yorkshire Gold, and examined it more closely. On two sides it says: “A luxury blend of the world’s best black teas.” On the third side it doesn’t mention anything about luxury blends and on the 4th side is “Something to read while the kettle’s boiling…” which also mentions lucury blend, and specifically Assam and East Africa, Rwanda, deforestation, etc.

So is the packaging simply different for that sold in the USA vs. elsewhere, or are there really 2 or possibly 3 different blends of Yorkshire Gold?

Anyway, whatever it is I have is really good and nothing like the orange pekoe of my youth.

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