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momo said


this is all I really want so I had to do both

52Teas: Lemon Meringue Chai, and some iced tea pouches: 2 pink lemonade, 1 rainbow sherbet

DavidsTea: 50g each of Mint Julep, Mango Fruit Punch, and Main Squeeze, and an iced tea pitcher pack of Pink Passionfruit

And I still want to order from Butiki but it must wait just a bit.

Your orders sound really good. (I want the Lemon Meringue and Mint Julep.)

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I put in an order from Harney & Sons after loving most everything I have tried from them. I was going to wait for a coupon, but I got impatient.

- 4 oz tins of Black Currant, Caribe, Bangkok & Fruits d’Alsace. I have tried and loved all of these except Fruits d’Alsace, but it sounds right up my alley and I won’t be ordering again anytime soon.
- Loose samples of teas I haven’t tried yet: Florence, Boston, SoHo Blend, Vanilla Black, Tokyo, Vanilla Comoro, Genmaicha, Royal Wedding, Passion Fruit
- A few of their plain black 8 oz tins for storage, because they are very inexpensive. They were out of the 4 oz tins, unfortunately.

That will be the last tea order I make for some time, as my cabinet is quickly running out of room. But that’s okay, I will have a lot of new things to try.

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Lilysmom said

I made my first Harney & Sons order today. It is not easy to get H and S in Canada and I love their raspberry iced tea, beyond all reason. So ordered 2 (15 bag) pouches and then a bunch of samples, flavoured black teas and other fruit herbals for iced tea. Can’t wait to get it! I am off work next week and hope my order arrives by then so I can enjoy some R &R and testing out my new tea!

Cavocorax said

Oooh – exciting!

I think mine will be in tomorrow! I was a bit nervous because some people had bad experiences with shipping to Canada (delays), but they seem to have figured it out. I got a shipping notice the day after I placed the order, and I can track the package with UPS!

Lilysmom said

Nice! I know, I have been on the fence for the last week, wondering about that too. But, just had to give it a try. I called Williams Sonoma today, and they said they only had Paris ( I don’t like bergamot) and the hot cinnamon spice one (which I do want to try). So, that( along with raspberry iced from chapters) will have to tied me over until my order arrives. Hope you get your order soon and love it all!

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I just caved and placed a Butiki order. That sale on the Caramel Vanilla Assam was too great to pass up.

Caramel Vanilla Assam 2oz
1991 Da Ye Aged Oolong 1/2oz
Hattialli Golden Lion Assam 1/2oz
Lychee Oolong 1/2oz
Zhen Qu 1oz

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Uniquity said

…and here’s my Verdant order. The beau just judged me for two orders in a week, but these are my first in months and I won’t need any more for months either, so PHHHT to him. Plus he likes the new tea too. :)

Yu Lu Yan Cha Black – Amount: 2 oz.
Laoshan Black – Amount: 2 oz.
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha – Amount: 2 oz.
Silver Buds Yabao – Amount: 1 oz.

Used my $5 off coupon and still made free shipping. I already know I love the Laoshan Black but I am excited to try the Yabao and Yu Lu Yan Cha for the first time. I really wish Verdant had more black teas, hopefully they can add some more in the fall.

Rie said

PHHHT to him”.
Plus he’s benefiting from the tea, he can’t judge too harshly :D

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Dexter said

I love Mandala Tea, and have been waiting for the Special Dark Pu’erh to become available on their web site. I commented on that fact on one of my Mandala Tea tasting notes. Garret from Mandala said that they don’t have very much of it – therefore it not being listed on the website, but if I wanted some to just email him. I LOVE THIS COMPANY’s customer service. So of course I had to take him up on that generous offer, and since I was ordering I also got:

100g Mandala Phatty Cake 2011
100g Mandala Silver Buds Raw 2012 cake
Noble Mark Ripe Pu’er Blend 2011 2oz
Mandala Silver Buds Raw 2011 1 oz
Big Red Robe Fancy Grade Dark Roast Oolong 1 oz
Colored Species Oolong 1 oz

I’m so excited!!!!!

Sil select said

gah…i totally want special dark judging from grace’s comments with me..

Dexter said

LOL I’m totally blaming (and thanking) Grace for my Mandala addiction…..

graceatblb said

Ha! I’m sorry…I’m really not :)

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I ended up caving and placed an order with Tazo, 50% off site wide plus a coupon code for another 10% off since it was my first order. Who can pass that up? They also had the matching teacups for my new teapot so I picked up a set of those too.

Q Teacup, Turquoise – 2 – $7.90
Black Dragon Pearls – Size: 2 oz – $4.97
Flowering Honeybush – Size: 2 oz – $2.97
Golden Monkey – Size: 2 oz – $4.97
Peach Cobbler – Size: 2 oz – $2.97
Gingerly Jasmine – Size: 2 oz – $2.97

Sub Total: $53.55
Shipping Costs: $4.95
Order Discount: -$26.80
Coupon discount: -$2.68
Tax: $0.40
Starbucks Card: -$15.00
Payment Total: $14.42

Cavocorax said

Good haul!

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I just placed my first order from for some glass teaware and a tea pet. I literally spent 3 straight hours on that website while we watched movies. So much tea stuff! The store I bought from had free shipping and really good prices. And my little piggy tea pet is pretty darn cute!

Although this little guy is my absolute favorite.

Just a little too much money. Maybe some day. Or my birthday :-)

Sil select said

Neat! Never heard of them so thanks for sharing (or not lol)

What an adorable tea pet <3

That pig is so cute!

yyz said

very cute. I’ve done a couple orders through Aliexpress and haven’t had a problem. They withhold the payment from the seller until you confirm that you receive your order and that your happy with it. There is a complaints mediation system of you or the seller has a problem and if you don’t receive the item after 60 days you are automatically refunded. Enjoy the tea pet it’s quite cute.

They have SO MANY of them! I might just order a pixiu from them one day.

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Annmarie said

I have been wanting to try a straight green rooibos for a while so I finally got the ok from the hubby to break my hiatus!!!

Green rooibos 3oz x2- $14
Green Dragon balls (lol) 3oz- $14
Spiced apple chai sample- $2
Vanilla chai rooibos sample- $2
Rooibos lemon cloud sample- $2

plus shipping total was $37.75

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MelissaTea said

Went for the Tazo Tea Sale:
Flowering Honeybush
Hula Maté
Enchanted Orchard Rooibos
Earl Grey
Sub Total: $23.80
Shipping Costs: $4.95
Order Discount: -$11.92
Coupon discount: -$1.19 (Thanks to S-S)
Tax: $0.00
Payment Total: $15.64 (Just less than $2 per ounce, shipping included)

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