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Since I had a slightly rough evening and broke the saucer of my gaiwan, I decided to bite the bullet and order a bunch of tea..a BUNCH. Eek. Hopefully I like them a lot haha, although I already have a few people in mind to split with, and one who is anxious to try them haha!

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea
Adventure Pack (contains Mount Gray, Double Knit Blend, and Tiger Assam)

4.4 oz x 3 = 13.2 oz of tea

(now I go hide)


Uniquity said

Great, now I want that. I have never had A&D but I love their tins and marketing. I just don’t tend to be super interested in the blends. Must resist

Sil select said

uniquity – tiger assam….you know you want it. it has a tiger on the tin! and it’s delicious! just ask terri and cavo! (and soon misslena)

Uniquity said

I actually don’t really like assams. Or earl greys. This makes it easier to resist but this little voice seems to suggest that maybe that is different now, hah!

Sil select said

what you do is swap with one of us to TRY them…which means you can totally wait until the next sale…since there will be one.

Haha yeah I haven’t had too many assams or Earl greys myself, but I couldn’t resist the free shipping, and I have been craving strong teas lately it seems, and yes, I saw the little tiger in the pictures and was like YES. I WANT IT.

I can’t wait to try them :D I will try to not be a tea enabler here..but it is a pretty awesome deal.

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Finally used my $5 off coupon!

Laoshan Black 1 oz.

And 7g each of:
Golden Fleece
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black
Laoshan Roasted Oolong
Laoshan Green Oolong
Eight Treasures Yabao
Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
Bai Mu Dan White Tea

$25 including shipping.

Excellent! :D

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Another order. /hangs head/ I was doing so well with no orders for a few months and now here’s two orders in under a week, with likely 2 more in the near future from other companies. Lol.

Anyway, I took advantage of the Tazo sale to try some new stuff. Though I’m kicking myself ‘cause I waited too long (thinking too much) about the order and the infuser basket went out of stock. /sigh/ Hopefully I’ll find one for that cheap again.

Phoenix Mountain 2oz
Jasmine Yin Hao 2oz
Organic Vanilla Apricot Crème 1.4oz
Black Dragon Pearls 4oz
Peach Cobbler 4oz

Sub Total: $84.60
Order Discount: -$42.32
Coupon discount: -$4.23 (Tazo10)
Tax: $0.70
Shipping Costs: $4.95
Payment Total: $43.70

I may have gone a bit overboard in hindsight. But I like the dragon pearls I have from another company and as far as I can tell, this is a crazy deal on them. I just hope they don’t suck. Lol. And I love peach so I have high hopes for the cobbler.

Sil select said

not sure what type of infuser basket it is but upton often has their finums on sale for the cheapest prices we’ve seen around…

I’ll definitely have to check that out then. If I remember correctly it was a steel infuser like the ones that come in the DavidsTea perfect mugs.

Edit – The one at Upton isn’t the same one that Tazo had. That one was all metal. But thanks for the suggestion Sil. ^^

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Sil select said

Soooo I placed my verdant order today! It was on the list of birthday orders i’ll be placing but i figure this still counts as a July order since it won’t arrive in Canada until July anyway!

Sample sizes of nearly everything except for LB; Yu Lu and LBG :)

Bai Mu Dan White Tea
Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng
Golden Buds Shu Pu’er Xingyang 2010
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha
Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
Laoshan Apothecary Green
Golden Fleece
Laoshan Black
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black
Laoshan Roasted Oolong
Laoshan Green Oolong

Dinosara said

Haha you are the queen of rationalizing. Congrats on your birthday order! :)

Sil select said

Dinosara – i don’t know WHAT you mean :) and hey..i’m almost at 215! from 227! at the start of today…

Cavocorax said

I think we’re learning to rationalize from you as well! Glad you ordered your birthday order!

Also I’m jealous of those sipdowns! I haven’t been home long enough today!

Sil select said

Cavo – i have to pee every two minutes lol but i’m having fun wit things at least :) I’ll be away from tea and up all night (6pm-6am) so that’s how i’m justifying loading myself up with delicious tea!

Dinosara said

Haha your progress is certainly impressive. At least a lot of your stash seems to be 1-2 cup samples!

Sil select said

well they’re 2-4 cup samples for a lot of them..but that’s really 1-2 cup samples in my world. i have big mugs lol

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Used my Adagio gift certificate for some flavoured black teas.

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graceatblb said

Birthday Order from Mandala. No Special Dark this time. I figure half a pound is enough and to let other people enjoy it.

250 gram Xiaguan Bao Yan Brick – 2006
250 gram Mandala Four Leaves Ripe Cake
250 gram Mandala Noble Mark Ripe Cake – 2012
100 gram Menghai Dayi Yellow Box Toucha 2009
357 gram Yi Pin Tang Qiao Mu – 2008
357 gram Jiu Wan Tong Qing – 2007
Black Beauty-4 ounces
Glass Mug with Infuser

Dexter said

Wow that looks like an awesome order. :)) Such restraint to wait until a couple of days after your birthday.

graceatblb said

I know! I was rather proud I lasted this long :) I’m pretty bad when it comes to Mandala self control.

Uniquity said

ZOMG, I want that much tea. Actually, I probably have way more than that. What I mean is that I want that much NEW tea. Enjoy!!

Sil select said

Yay for birthday orders! Sounds like a good one grace :)

graceatblb said

Birthday orders make aging worth it. I do, however, regret that I’m ordered out until I run out of something.

Tea goes better with birthday goodies too.

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momo said

Oops. Well. It was only $11 something and four free samples.

I ordered this Sansa Stark blend:
And then I had the red wedding sample, the konami sample, an apple black sample for some reason, and added green rooibos citron as my post this to Facebook tea.

Someone probly gifted you a free sample of the apple black. I have a peach oolong sitting in my cart for my soon to be new order. XD

momo said

it’s from adagio apparently, I only have two friends on there who would even maybe look at my page, so I searched my email and they added it to my cart on May 28. I don’t remember seeing this email AT ALL but I’ll take it!

Interesting. And free tea is always awesome. ^^

momo said

Oh yeah. I think if you don’t order from them after a certain amount of time they decide to gift you random samples. I got a peach one this way too. Of course, every time there’s one in my cart I then order, so they know what’s up.

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moraiwe said

It’s apparently sampler week for me (with the exception of 52 Teas, which I hadn’t intended to buy either sigh)

52 Teas
Gingerbread Coffeecake
Watermelon Lu An Gua Pian

Teajo Teas
Juicy Peach Sample
Tropical Mango 2 oz
Very Raspberry Sample
Luscious Passion Fruit Sample

Persimmon Tree Tea
Black Sampler Set w/
Lychee Burst
French Vanilla Bean
Peach Apple Crisp
Vintage Black
Jasmine Passion

Green Sampler Set w/
Jasmine Pearls
Green Caramel
Green Pineapple
Green Pomegranate

White Sampler Set w/
Coconut Creme
White Peony
White Peach
Rose Mojito
Silver Needle

That Teajo tropical mango is dope

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Mandala: Morning Sun and Black Pearl (some samples! How nice)
Butiki: 1991 Da Ye Aged Oolong (mmmmm!) and Guayusa (a sample of their Premium Taiwanese Assam that has such a great rating)
Verdant: Spring Harvest Laoshan Green and Yu Lu Yan Cha black

I’m dying I need the rest of the packages to come :x

Both of those Verdant’s are particularly delicious :)

Oh goodness i know! I had samples of them and had to buy more… Both are becoming regulars u_u

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Oh geeze, I bought a yixing pot. I almost got a gaiwan too.

A headache at that, they had the yixing both on yunnansourcing’s us and china site, but the gaiwan on the china site. I number crunched to figure which would be cheaper with faster shipping without killing me or waiting 70 day shipping.

Ended up with $56 after shipping (USPS parcel).

and I’ll wait to buy the gaiwan I want on the other yunnansourcing site.

It’s cute!

Nice. I wish the china site’s shipping wasn’t so awful. There’s a few gaiwan there (specifically a travel set with lotus on it) I wanted to get, but the shipping I think was almost double what the actual items would cost. Even if I was just getting the travel set. /sigh/
But the one you got is definitely a cute little teapot. What’re you planning on brewing in it?

Either a sheng pu’er or oolong. Now I will have two yixing pots, I have more options, as I’m undecided what to do with my current pot!

Ugg at the china site.. I thought buying more would save shipping but the price goes up with each item! it was $27 to ship my teapot and gaiwan, or wait 70 days for $17 shipping. I’m not sure which one is more ugly of an option. I wish the US site would have more items for sale so we save time and shipping.

Yeah. Well, here’s to crossing our fingers that they do start getting more stuff on the us site. Like what they carry on their china site. Lol.

tperez said

Hey, I’ve got the same pot :)

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