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Tealizzy said

Was being pretty good about not getting lots of new tea until today…

My first Tealux order! 25% off! Hope these are good!!

Pu-erh Coconut Cacao – sample
Sencha Berry Fig – sample
Butterscotch Potion – sample
Secret of Love – sample
Milk Taiwan Oolong | Jin Xuan – 1.76 oz.
Assam “Black Beauty”- sample
Chocolate Delight – 1.76 oz.
Dance with Elephant – 1.76 oz.

Yum, those sound good :)

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Cavocorax said

So that’s it for July orders – this one and my H&S order put me at about $100 in tea for the month! :O

I’m splitting an Adagio order with Shadowfall as I am nearly desperate to get TARDIS tea of my own. So sad but true. This is a tea that I think about all the time, and I recently had more thanks to Terri HarpLady so I know that it IS as good as I remember.

Anyway, I just paid $47 USD for:
1 6oz tin of Tardis Tea
1 3 oz pouch of the Jane Austin Mafia, and
3 samples – Black Dragon Pearls, Yunnan Noir and Masala Chai (the last two are for Ozli)

I totally could have switched the Tardis for a 4oz pouch and paid a lot less but I really wanted the pretty tin . And it’s extravagent and unnecessary but also my birthday so whoop whoop to me! :D

Speaking of the Tardis, my boyfriend bought me a Tardis teapot and matching salt/pepper shakers. And my roommate made me a custom tea bear stamp (that she designed) that I can use for organizing my samples/swaps. You guys will adore it. :D And I drive both of those guys crazy with how much I like tea, so I wasn’t expecting anything like this. They’re the best peeps!

(Hmmm.. I guess I don’t know how to embed links in here after all. Oh well)

Sil select said

Thats awesome lady! Hope you had an awesome birthday today:)

MelissaTea said

Love the Doctor Who stuff. I would have gotten the tea tin as well and I probably will (but my son will want it then).

Cavocorax said

:) Thanks
Yeah I don’t regret the tin at all, even though at $9 for 4oz, I’m probably paying $12 just for a tin. You could always get the Doctor Who sampler set and then you guys could split the little tins?

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I placed a Verdant order, using a $10 voucher (yay!). I’ve been eyeing the Ru Kiln cup for a while.

Ru Kiln Glazed Tea Cup
Glass Test Tube Steeper
Master Han’s Shu Pu’erh 2002

Thank you for your order, KiwiDelight! :D

You’re very welcome! I’m very excited for the package – I haven’t placed any orders for tea for more than two months. Also, this’ll be my first shu pu-erh 8D

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scribbles said

I shopped at a local tea vendor this morning- Tao Tea Leaf and picked up:

Golden Needle black tea
Imperial Pu-er (shu)
Jin Ping Gong Fu black tea
Shui Xian Lao Cong oolong
Da Hong Pao
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong black

Dexter said

That looks like a nice assortment. Hope you enjoy them.

scribbles said

I hope that I will enjoy them as well as you!!!

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BoxerMama said

My first order in what feels like forever. This month’s tea club from Verdant came with a 15% off coupon code.
2oz. Laoshan Black
2oz. Zhu Rong (YAY!!!!!!!!!)
2oz. Golden Fleece
1oz. Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha.
Total after discount $48.75 free shipping to Canada!
Woot Woot!

Thank you for your order! So glad you could use your monthly club discount on so many fun teas. :)
I really hope you get to try the Zhu Rong iced: I’ve been making it for folks at the tea house all weekend with great success!

BoxerMama said

Zhu Rong is my absolute favourite tea! I already regret not ordering more, but my fear is I have so many teas I wouldn’t finish a full four ounces. Very happy it’s back!

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Since it’s July… Assam from NMTC. And my free sample. :)

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MissLena said

Soo yeah, I was going to use my $10 Verdant voucher, but I realized I want to have it for the next summer teas and/or possibly a glass steeper at a later date and/or my inevitable reorder of 8 treasures when it is running low at the end of summer, so I will wait. So here is the latest damage, from Verdant (knew this order was coming, too many tempting new teas lol)

Earl of Anxi – 7g
Bai mu Dan white tea – 7g
Laoshan apothecary green – 7g
Yu lu yan cha black – 7g
Bergamot rose laoshan black – 1 oz
Summer garden citrus mint – 1 oz
Zhu rong yunnan black – 1 oz
Laoshan Genmaicha – 1 oz
Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng – 1 oz

Total was 41.95 to make free shipping. Can’t wait for it to arrive :)

Thank you, MissLena! Glad to see you’re enjoying the Qianjiazhai. :D Did you see that we have a new sheng from Master Han? It’s a little more citrus-savory rather than plantain-berry, but since it’s coming from the same land and the same man, I think you’d enjoy giving it a try. Unless you have something else in mind, I’d love to get that to you as a free sample!

MissLena said

I saw that one! It was super close to making it in my order, and the citrus sounds delicious, I’d love to try that one for my sample! Thanks :) I’m so happy I’ve found some pu’erhs that I like, I am still getting onto shu, but shengs seem to be my calling so far!

Alright!! Then that’s what we’ll do. :D Very happy to hear that you’re having fun diving into sheng pu’er. It’s a huge, rewarding world.

MissLena said

Thank you so much! I’m very excited to be trying more pu’erhs, so far it’s been quite fun!

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Joint Adagio order with Cavocorax.

For Cavo – $47
- Tardis Blend – Tin
- The Jane Austen Mafia
- Black Dragon Pearls Sample
- Masala Chai Sample
- Yunnan Noir Sample

Mine – $47
- Shieldmaiden
- Dammit
- Fancy Tea: Afternoon Tea
- Green Dragon Pearls sample
- Sleeping Dragon sample
- Anji Duet sample
- Fujian Rain sample
- Dancong Aria sample

+Free Shipping since it was over $50 between Cavo and I.

I also got the hidden Konami mystery tea, though I wasn’t able to get hidden Red Wedding tea since I heard it’s currently out of stock. Rats. Lol. But I got a free gifted sample of peach oolong which I’m giving to my Mom, and got Ceylon Sonata as my free sample for ordering. Lol!
So excited for Shieldmaiden which was re-released by Aun-Juli since it’s not a Tolkien specific term so it can’t be claimed to be copyrighted. Same thing with Afternoon Tea which was her Elevenses tea, but she re-released it under her own ‘Fancy Tea’ brand with a blueberry inclusion. Then she got the ok to put Elevenses back up as it was, but I’m excited for the blueberry inclusion so I grabbed that one instead. Lol.

Next up eventually is gonna be a Verdant order. Though I’m still fighting with myself if I want to get the Lotus gaiwan and a cup or not. Anyone have any option on what they think of Verdant’s gaiwan for a complete gaiwan newbie or should I get a cheaper one first? Lol.

I bought the lotus gaiwan as a birthday splurge and it’s my first. I obviously don’t have any opinions of other gaiwans, but I’m very happy with the one I have. Beautifully painted and pours nicely. Just one thing: since the gaiwan is made of thin bone china, it really heats up when I pour boiling water into it, and holding it is difficult (I got burned a couple times, nothing too serious).

Good to know Kiwi. And I’m fairly used to my fingers burning since I do alot of costuming/armor making with a material called Wonderflex. It’s a plastic with threads running through it that can be heated (I use a paint stripper) and then bent to various shapes that harden when cooled. Lol.

momo said

They need to just sell the red wedding tea. I love it so much.

Momo – Lol. What kind of tea is in it?

The problem not a problem anymore then! :D Is what you do a hobby, like for LARP?

Lol. Yeah. Not LARPing, though I know people who do. I do more the Anime/Game/Geek conventions and stuff.

momo said

It’s an herbal – blood orange, sour apple, and rose petals. The two fruit teas are pretty hibiscusy but it’s oddly really good with the rose.

Momo – Huh. Sounds interesting. Though I wonder if they just stopped giving it out since I don’t think any of those teas are out of stock right now. Lol.

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Made my first DavidsTea order. I wish it could have been a better one. But I’m on a major budget.

Lime Gelato-50g

Pink Lemonade-100g

1 Tea Tin

I’m super excited! Thought they would b perfect iced teas!! Since its summer and all.

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Supposedly I’m on a haitus until school in september, but I got paid for playing in a small musical group so i figured hey why not indulge myself with some verdant?

1oz each of:
Laoshan black (i really want to give this one another try; last time with my sample it was too thick tasting and cocoa powder-y to me for some reason so i got an ounce to play around with it. Hopefully i’ll find the perfect way to brew it)
Zhu rong (looked way too good to pass up)


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