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I passed by Kusmi Teas on a different route home from work and I couldn’t resst pickng up the Russian Teas Sampler.

It includes:

Prince Vladmir
Bouquet of Flowers
St Petersberg.

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Dinosara said

Order from … it’s a French company that doesn’t ship outside Europe but does sell 50g bags of Dammann teas (instead of their obligatory 100g). Got this sent to my hotel in Paris (free shipping over €39), so I’m hoping it arrives ok! All of these teas are Dammann Frères teas.

Elégie Pourpre – Sachet de 50g
Item# 1034743278 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Mélange Vénitien – Sachet de 50g
Item# 8589252369 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Bali – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7325014525 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Mousson sur Hanoï – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7149410767 €3.25 EUR 1 €3.25 EUR
Noël à Venise – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7090507470 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Passion de Fleurs – Sachet de 50g
Item# 5414123478 €7.00 EUR 1 €7.00 EUR
Figue Fraîche – Sachet de 50g
Item# 5214949054 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Fleurilège – Sachet de 50g
Item# 4909876383 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Pu-Erh gourmand – Sachet de 50g
Item# 4385034503 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Tourbillon – Sachet de 50g
Item# 3852303256 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Noël en Provence – Sachet de 50g
Item# 3581496947 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Amande Amaretti – Sachet de 50g
Item# 2587014785 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Caramel Toffee – Sachet de 50g
Item# 8729230987 €2.75 EUR 1 €2.75 EUR

momo said

so. jealous.


Dinosara said

Don’t be too jealous… I just got shipping notification way later than I was expecting it, and I’m pretty sure the box won’t arrive before I leave Paris. :(

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I was supposed to be on a tea buying hiatus until September… yeah.

From zentealife:

Earl Grey Cream – 100g
Strawberry Cream (Black)- 50g
O’Sullivan’s Favourite – 50g

From Adagio:

Earl Grey Lavender – sample
Blueberry – sample
Passionfruit – 3oz
Summer Rose – 3oz

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graceatblb said

Another Mandala Order:

1 cake of Phatty Cake Sequel
2 oz of Black Gold
2 oz of Alishan Taiwanese Oolong

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I had to! I went onto Verdant to just “look” and I added a few teas to my cart and let them sit there ALL day… and yes I just bought them. I had to restock my Eight Treasures Yabao…for my summer iced tea extravaganza…so….
I bought:
1oz.Eight Treasures Yabao
1oz.Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
1oz.Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
For a grand total of $22.95

I also splurged and ordered from Bluebird Tea Co. For the very first time.
65 grams (roughly 2.3 oz) Enchanted Narnia
80 grams (roughly 2.8 oz) Vicky’s Sponge Cake
Grand total of $19.98
I really was tempted to get Nearly Nirvana, All Things Nice, Monkey Chops, and Retro Ted… but I had to set some limits ha ha.

Not too bad but definitely more than I wanted to spend. But I can’t wait!

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Rellybob said

I saw Verdant had the Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend back, so an order was absolutely necessary! :) I also really have been wanting to try the Yu Lu Yan Cha Black Tea. I’ve been wavering because I don’t want to get myself hooked on another tea that I simply MUST have…and yet, I ordered a sample. I couldn’t resist.

Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend 1 oz.
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black 7 g.
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha 4 oz.
Bai Mu Dan White Tea 7g
Glass Test Tube Steeper

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I have a serious problem and really need to stop ha ha. I just ordered from bluebird tea co. And verdant yesterday and today… I couldn’t help myself when I saw the 5 for $5 on persimmon tree.
I ended up oredering the 5 for $5 Roobios Sampler and chose:
-Ruby Orange
-Berries ’n Cream
-Chocolate Banana
-Banana Coconut
-Roobios Vanilla Chai
Free shipping!
I also got a free 1oz tin of white guava
And… I added a few other samples…
-Coconut Creme
-French Vanilla Bean
I swear this is my last order for a while!

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Sil select said

Sooo Tea hiatus be damned since the tea spot is having a sale and i’m itching to get larger quantities of a few of the mandala teas i’ve tried before deciding on a cake purchase..not to mention the butiki order that is incoming next week.

From Mandala – small one but with a couple teas i don’t have in the house and wanted to try :)

Black Pearl
250 gram Mandala Noble Mark Ripe – 2012
Loose and Luscious Lancang -2007
Special Dark – 2006 Loose Ripe Pu’er
Mandala Four Leaves Ripe Loose Leaf Pu’er
250 gram Mandala Year of the Dragon Ripe Pu’er -2012
Golden Needle Premium

Dexter said

That looks awesome to me…..

Sil select said

i figure it’s a nice start to the joy from mandala that terri and grace have shared with me :) there are a few (ok a lot) of others i want to try but i don’t really have a good place in the house to store cakes….yet.

graceatblb said

Lovely order! I am sipping on Year of the Dragon right now and I am loving it.

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Got into trouble at Yunnan Sourcing.

I snagged the gaiwan I wanted VERY BADLY, but since their shipping is pricey, I added a few promising cakes with my order. Thankfully, they have 9% off.

Gaiwan lookit this gaiwan! Lovely!
2012 Yunnan Sourcing “Dragon of Jing Mai” Ripe Pu-erh tea mini cake
2012 Yunnan Sourcing “Qiu Yun” Wild Arbor Raw Pu-erh tea of Yi Wu mountain

Dexter said

I got in trouble at Mandala yesterday. NOT ALLOWED to look at Yunnan Sourcing. :((
That gaiwan is beautiful.

Chizakura said

Oh wow! It’s very ornate. :) I love the handle on the lid.

Uniquity said

I don’t even like puerh a whole lot yet but I want ALL THE CAKES. The logic is that puerh changes over time so even if I don’t like it now, I will like it eventually!

I’m getting sucked into pu’er cakes because the shelf life is different – I don’t have to worry about drinking it in a year (or less) and the tea gets better with age! Perfect excuse to buy more!

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I couldn’t resist The Persimmon Tree:

5 Green Tea Sampler Pack Green_Sampler-G5001-Sample-G5004-Sample-G5006-Sample-G5005-Sample-G5007-Sample 1 $5.00
Sample 1
1 x Jasmine Pearls-Sample $0.00 G5007-Sample
Sample 2
1 x Green Pineapple-Sample $0.00 G5005-Sample
Sample 3
1 x Green Caramel-Sample $0.00 G5006-Sample
Sample 4
1 x Green Pomegranate-Sample $0.00 G5004-Sample
Sample 5
1 x Genmaicha-Sample $0.00 G5001-Sample

5 Rooibos Tea Sampler Pack Rooibos_Sampler-R5007-Sample-R5003-Sample-R5001-Sample-C5001-Sample-R5011-Sample 1 $5.00
Sample 1
1 x Mint Chocolate Chip-Sample $0.00 R5007-Sample
Sample 2
1 x Chocolate Banana-Sample $0.00 R5003-Sample
Sample 3
1 x Banana Coconut-Sample $0.00 R5001-Sample
Sample 4
1 x Rooibos Vanilla Chai-Sample $0.00 C5001-Sample
Sample 5
1 x Ruby Orange-Sample $0.00 R5011-Sample

5 White Tea Sampler Pack White_Sampler-W5004-Sample-W5003-Sample-W5001-Sample-W5006-Sample-W5007-Sample 1 $5.00
Sample 1
1 x Coconut Crème-Sample $0.00 W5004-Sample
Sample 2
1 x White Peach-Sample $0.00 W5003-Sample
Sample 3
1 x Silver Needle-Sample $0.00 W5001-Sample
Sample 4
1 x Butterscotch-Sample $0.00 W5007-Sample
Sample 5
1 x White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) $0.00 W5006-Sample

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