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Tamara said

I’m trying David’s tea for the first time. I’m excited to try it out. I hoped that I made a few good choices. Apparently the delivery from Canada to Michigan takes FOREVER, I’m on day 9 so far, hopefully it’ll arrive soon.

Coffee Chai (Organic) – 250g (It was a great 40% off price)
David’s Top 3 (variety pack)
Chocolate Orange – 50g
Love Tea #7 – 50g

If you get to visit one next month, try the Pumpkin Chai.

Tamara said

I love Chai so I’m going to have to get my hands on that. Thanks.

Love Tea #7 is my favourite DT Black Tea :) I hope you like it!

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A couple of firsts
My first order with Butiki included:
The Darjeeling Delight Sampler: (1oz each)
Giddapahar Darjeeling Extra Special (black tea, SFTGFOP-1),
Glenburn Estate Darjeeling (black tea, FTGFOP-1),
Thurbo Darjeeling (black tea, SFTGFOP-1)
Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling (oolong, AA 2nd Flush)
and Lychee Oolong 1/2oz -Mom has been on the hunt for a Lychee Oolong she had at a wonderful restaurant while visiting NYC over a year ago. Even if its not it I’m sure she’ll love this one.

I became a huge fan of Darjeeling after a pot of Castleton at the Bosie Tea Parlor. The sampler seemed a great way to compare a few others.
My sample requests were:
Classic Earl Grey – Earl Grey is my staple. There will soon be many varieties in my cabinet.
Organic Silver Needle

Strawberry Rose Champagne/Peach Tranquility 4oz – I’m in love with this. Pretty sure there are two tea leaves per ounce but I still love it. I’m totally out and I miss it.
Youthberry/Wild Orange 1oz sample

ifjuly said

ah, it’s nice to see one of the few fellow darjeeling fans on the site (EG is my security blanket tea as well)! sounds like a super fun order.

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Well, my no buy lasted 11 days.

52 Teas Cotton Candy White

Sigh. I almost held out. I thought, I’d love this more than the black base cotton candy tea. This would be fun to review! But I needed this 1 picture (for a story) if I was going to review it for and I don’t have it anymore. Then I found it on facebook. Darn it! Well, back on no buy again. Can I last till Black Friday? Probably not.

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RogersCK said

Verdant tea: 5/$5
52Teas: Rootbeer Float (too bad, I missed out on the re-blended Lemon Meringue Chai)

I’m hoping to see some good Labor Day deals.

Thank you for trying our five for five deal, RogersCK! I hope you have fun with all of them when your package arrives. :)

RogersCK said

Thank you. I know I will enjoy them :)

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Chizakura said

Butiki time! :) Been a while since I’ve been in this thread, I’ve been very good!

6oz Premium Taiwanese Assam
2oz Premium Taiwanese Assam Upgrade
2oz Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black (soooo excited! I’ve been looking forward to this!)
2oz Pumpkin crème brulee (pumpkin season is getting near!)
1oz Organic Guranse

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I am so weak! Butiki order time… I couldn’t resist Stacy’s new Organic Spring Twist green tea!

And you guys have been killing me talking about pumpkin teas so I also got some Pumpkin Creme Brulee…sigh

Ha ha I know right?!?! I’ve been so tempted to order from David’s !! Ahhh if u want to order maybe we can go in together so shipping isn’t as expensive

Maaaaaybe. I really like David’s cup shape drawstring filters to take teas to work but it looks like they’re out of stock right now :/

Just let me know :)

Chizakura said

Bwahaha :D Join us with the pumpkin joy!

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Tealizzy said

Guess I was going through tea-buying withdrawals, and Tealux is having a 25% off sale, so I restocked chocolate delight and secret of love, and ordered samples of maple splash, cream Irish breakfast, white strawberry sassafras, and blue unicorn reserve oolong. Plus I got two of their newly designed tins. Still planning on stopping by DavidsTea next week! ;)


boychik said

would you share a code please

Dexter said is having a 25% off sale until Sept 2. (Not on teaware.)
Redeem code: LABOR25

boychik said


Tealizzy said

Stephanie – I know! Sounds like an interesting combo!

Dexter3657 – thanks for sharing the code. :)

Dexter said

I am probably going to have to place an order too. Need more Pumpkin Spice Rooibos since fall is coming. I really should try my sample of Strawberry Sassafras before I order. I too thought it sounded interesting, and then never tried it.

Dexter said

Yes the Strawberry Sassafras is interesting enough that I’m going to order more. Would like to try it cold steeped. It’s weird, in a good sort of way.

Tealizzy said

Dexter3657 – can’t wait to try it!

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I took the opportunity to order from The Persimmon Tree since it’s 20% off this weekend!

Fruit Fusion
Size: 2 oz
Butterscotch (this tastes like cream soda, yum!)
Size: 1 oz
Coconut Crème (also love this!)
Size: 1 oz
Green Pineapple (and this!)
Size: 2 oz
Jasmine Pearls
Size: 2.5 oz
Green Caramel
Size: 2 oz
Green Pomegranate
Size: 2 oz
Mandarin Cream
Size: 1 oz
Hibiscus Rose
Size: 2.5 oz

So excited to have more of the Butterscotch!

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Grrarrgh said

I"m still new to loose leaf tea, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I like. I ordered the IngenuiTEA from Adagio, and a bunch of samples, too. Golden monkey, Ooooh Darjeeling, White Pear, Ceylon Sonata, Rooibos Vanilla, Vanilla, Caramel, Earl Grey Moonlight, Apple, Earl Grey Green, and the Imp’s Brew – one of their fandom blends. I’m planning to try and use the Vanilla, Caramel, and Apple as blenders more than straight teas. I’m really excited to try these out.

Also – am I the only one who thinks of Battlestar Gallactica when they see Ceylon teas? I see it as Cylon every single time! :-)

Cavocorax said

I think of Cylon too!

I do sometimes.

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My tea hiatus is temporarily over since I won a $10 gift code to New Mexico Tea Co. I thought I would use it to pick up some inexpensive rooibos since I’m trying to drink more of it.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos
Amount: 1 oz $2.50

Lucky Summer
Amount: 1 oz $3.00

Provence Rooibos
Amount: 1 oz $3.00

Rainbow Amaretto Rooibos
Amount: 1 oz $3.00

Subtotal: $11.50
Discount: $10.00
Shipping: $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $1.50

ifjuly said

provence rooibos is one of my favorite “everything about today sucked, i need something to calm me down before bed” go-tos. looking forward to reading your reviews!

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