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Kiaharii said

Couldn’t resist the sale!
Della Terra
Minty Cow 1oz
An Autumn Breakfast 1oz
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 1oz
Orange Brûlée 2oz
White Chocolate 4oz
Wonders of Kashmir 2oz

I got some Minty Cow too.

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Decided to take advantage of the Verdant sale and my voucher.

Sweet Cinnamon Pu’er, Hibiscus Berry Rose, Orchard Spice, Vanilla Citrus Spice, Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend, Laoshan Green Oolong, Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend

Subtotal: $10.31
$10 Voucher: -$10.00
Shipping & Handling: $4.50
Order Total: $4.81

MissLena said

Nice order!

I’m excited and it should be here fairly quickly since I’m only a few hours away.

MissLena said

Jealous! It takes about 2 weeks to get to me :(

Oh! If you’re just a few hours away, have you visiting the Tasting Room yet? We’d love to see you if ever you’re around in the Twin Cities!

Actually, we’re planning a trip to the Twin Cities for our 5th anniversary in October. I’ve been dying to see the tasting room.

Chizakura said

Jealous! I so badly want to visit the tasting room. D: But I’m waaay too far away. Like not even in the right country far away. xD

my order just came in, if it weren’t my one night a week to drink coffee I would be cracking into it tonight

That was super fast! I’m glad to hear everything arrived safely :)

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Because I need new tea for a new semester in school. I ordered a Try me pack from Della Terra Teas. Some of the Autumn flavours, and minty cow.

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I was going to start a “tea buying shame” thread, but it can go here as well! Just placed big orders with Verdant & Butiki… and I don’t get paid until the end of September… I think I have a tea dependency problem. It’s become a pattern: get stressed, buy tea, live broke. Sorry, bank account! At least I’ll have many, many choices of tea!

I feel your pain :)

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Dear Frank / 52 Teas,

You’ve broken my No tea buying 3 times in a row, 3 weeks straight. Sigh. Each time, I cannot say no to these teas. Regardless, all good tea!

Today’s damage:
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Green Tea

See if I can last longer than a week. Again

Ugh, I want to try that one so bad. Can’t spend money right now though :(

Tealizzy said

Yep, I got sucked in too. Couldn’t pass up the reblend!

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graceatblb said

I have been craving some raw pu’er and I don’t have much so I ordered the Guoyan 99 Raw from Mandala. I didn’t order anything (much) in August so this one isn’t that bad.

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I could not resist!!! And I told myself no more orders for w long while… but it BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE DANISH!!!! its back and I have been trading with people just to get sample sizes of this. THIS MADE MY DAY.
But I can never order from 52teas without ordering others so…
I ordered Banana Pudding and S’mores chai as well. There goes my gas money for the week :/
YAY FOR REBLENDS YAY YAY YAY. I thought this day would never come.

Chizakura said

Haha, I totally saw you buy those. I’m shopping there at the moment myself and noticed those three go down all of a sudden. xD

I reeaaallly want to try the green blueberry cream cheese danish. But I also really want to order some Mandala puerhs, and I REALLY want to pay off my student loan this year le sigh

RogersCK said

Stephanie, we can’t always have what we want. Learn to prioritize. Go with the Green Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish! ;)

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Chizakura said

This is the 52 Teas page apparently, for I shopped there too!

One pouch Banana Pudding black tea, and one pouch of the black base of Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. I was going to buy the last of the turtle cheesecake, but someone beat me to it right as I was checking out. xD Ah well, I’ll grab the re-blend if it happens.

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Just placed an ‘order’ with Butiki for some of their garage sale stuff, and threw in a 1/2oz of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, 1/2oz of Oriental Beauty, 1 cake of Puerh Tuo Cha, & 1oz of The Black Lotus since Stacy said it wouldn’t add much to the overall weight. Very excited for it. The Black Lotus was a total afterthought that Stacy was awesome enough to add to my invoice after she’d already sent one. It just sounds so tasty and I couldn’t pass up the sale. XD

I was gonna put in a Verdant order tonight for their Imperial Breakfast blend since they’re having a sale and a few other samples to try, but it went totally out of stock. Ah well. Wasn’t meant to be I guess. Lol.

I just drank a tuo cha today! Steeps many many many times FYI :)

Stephanie – That’s what I heard. I’m trying to get into puerh, but all I’ve had have been bad, fishy, experiences. I’ve have such great teas from Butiki, so I hope this is a good one to restart with. Lol.

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Ag select said

So much for my tea buying hiatus, part two. Oops? (But new teas to try! :D)

Whispering Pines:

Whisper of the Woods
Campfire Blend
Manistee Moonrise Spirit Blend
Dark Chocolate Oolong
The Sleeping Bear Blend

Butiki Teas:

Mi Xian Black
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
Gui Fei Oolong
The Black Lotus
Irish Breakfast
Premium Taiwanese Assam

MissLena said

Both of these orders look excellent! :D

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