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Sara said

Hit up the Vente Privee Fauchon sale thanks to Dinosara’s post up there:

A Stroll Through The Tuileries White Tea – 70g
An Afternoon In Paris Black Tea – 100g
An Evening In France Tea – 100g
Raspberry Macaron Black Tea – 100g

I only wish Un Soir de Noel hadn’t been sold out already! I love French Christmas teas for their inclusion of maraschino notes, Dammann Freres also has a delicious Christmas tea that’s similarly flavored, and which is also just as rough to get a hold of in the US. I would have grabbed the Apple and Pear teas as well had they still been around. Better for my lack of self-control that they weren’t then, I guess. :’(

Since my last post on this thread I’ve also done the Verdant $5 for 5 sale! That one shipped today. Excited as I’ve never tried them before!

Sil select said

awesome! enjoy all of those…should be tasty!

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Placed my very first sTEApshoppe order with Stephanie
I got a tin of cinnamon swirl bread and a sample of black & white. I’m soooo excited!

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American Tea Room Order

brioche_FREE 2 oz: $7.80
Brioche Organic Tea 2 oz: $9.75
Lemoncello Organic Tea 2 oz: $7.80
Earl Grey Rooibos Organic 2 oz: $10.40
Maraschino Organic Tea 2 oz: $7.80
Victoria Organic Black 2 oz: $13.00
Saint Tropez Organic 2 oz: $9.10

Subtotal   65.65
Coupon discount (vet20)  -13.13
Promotion discount (Free shipping)   -5.95
Total   52.52

I’m not going to have any money left in my Black Friday fund at the rate I’m going this month…

I order on Wednesday. :/ let me know how the saint topaz is!!! And the lemoncello!

Will do! I’m excited that I was finally able to order from them.

Have you had brioche before? If not you’ll love it!!

Nope, this is my first order with them, but I knew I had to try it.

Oh man are you in for a treat!

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Sara said

Twice on the same page…oh the shame.

Malama – 50g
Ripe Mango Oolong – 50g
Lanikai – 50g
Golden Honeydew – 50g
Te de Frutas – 50g
Banane Chocolat – 50g
Napa Blanc – 50g
TOTAL: $62

It kills me because there’s a Lupicia over in Century City but they never have the special editions. Hence me getting two of the Hawaii blends (Malama is chocolate macadamia! AAAH) and all three of the special San Francisco blends. And then of course added a couple things to hit the free shipping threshold. My tea cupboard is like a game of Tetris at this point. And:

52 Teas:
Tiramisu Oolong
Turtle Cheesecake Black
TOTAL: $18

The dessert blends just get me every time!!

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julesbean said

My first Verdant order!
Lashoan Black Chocolate Genmaicha 1oz
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black 1oz
Traditional Tieguanyin 1 oz
and….it was a complete impulse purchase, but I also ordered my very first gaiwan and tea cup. So excited!
First Mandala order
Milk Oolong 2 oz
White Peony 1 oz

Excellent choices all around :D

julesbean said

Thanks! I’m so excited to try all of these!

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graceatblb said

My first Mandala order in a couple of months:

4oz-“Dian Hong” Black Tea of Fengqing
2oz-GABA Oolong-super curious about this one

Oh, that’s a nice manageable order! :)
(Looking around the room)
This is a dangerous place for me, kind of like an alcoholic going into a bar to order a glass of milk… ;)


I’m really curious about their Milky Oolong as that’s the top rated tea on Steepster.

Sil select said

the oolong is delicious…and i dislike oolongs in general that are green :)

I’m not a big fan of milky oolongs, but even I enjoyed it. It really is a nice one!


Guess I’ll add it to my list. I really like the rating tool, some day when I am rich enough I am going to order all of the top 100 teas and just taste them one after another.

I don’t like Milky Oolong either, but I haven’t had one in years so maybe things have changed!

graceatblb said

I am not a fan of green oblongs in general but Mandala’s Milk Oolong and also Alishan are pretty excellent.

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It was way too easy to put together my Butiki order for winning the art contest. In fact I went over and am going to end up paying for some of it, too :)

1991 Da Ye Aged Oolong
Lychee Oolong
Ruby Pie
Japanese Puerh
Root Beer Float Honeybush
Earthen Gaiwan
Anji Bai Cha
Leafhopper magnet
Da yu ling oolong
Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat
Rhubarb Vanilla Ale
Irish Cream Cheesecake

I can’t wait to try the ones I’ve not had yet. On this list I’ve only tried Anji Bai Cha, Ruby Pie, and Banana Walnut treat!

ifjuly said

i can’t wait to hear about the last 2. dying to get some myself!

CelebriTEA said

Congrats on your win :-)

ifjuly-Oh, you are getting some.

ifjuly said

ack, that’s an awesome exciting surprise! squee. you are so super nice. :D

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CelebriTEA said

I got my Butiki order today and I am so excited!!!
(Jumping up & down and squealing like a baby pig)
…lol…got my clear teapot for flowering teas and can NOT
wait to try it out!!!
Creamy Egg Nog Tea, Coconut Cream Pie, Jasmine & samples too!
Can’t wait till I can go home tonight and try something.

Yay! I’m so glad that everything arrived safely! :)

CelebriTEA said

Me 2 :-)

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Made my first Butiki order tonight! Decided to get:

Cantaloupe & Cream
Watermelon Xylophone
Lychee Oolong
Flowery Pineapple Oolong
Traditional Plum Pudding
Vanilla Frosted Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Milkshake
Good Morning Sunshine
Maple Pecan Oolong
Creamy Eggnog
Rootbeer Float

And as my samples Grape Oolong and Almond Indulgence :)

Ooooh excellent choices :)

CelebriTEA said

Those ALL sound wonderful.
The Creamy Eggnog is the only one of those I have tried, just yet.
But I will be trying more :-)

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No cotton candy tea here, or watermelon???


Hong Yu / Red Jade Organic 50g
Tung Ting Fire Roasted Oolong 50g
Kagoshima Japanese Black Tea 50g
Fujian Beauty 50g


Souchong Serendipity 50g
Sapphire Oolong 50g

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