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Tealizzy said

The Lupicia Hawaii blends are back online! I totally missed them last time. I went to the store in SF, and they didn’t have any, so I think it was online only. I didn’t want to miss it again, so I ordered:

Lanikai, and

Yippee! :)

yay! I have the whole set that I bought in Hawaii – I’m happy they are selling them online!

Dinosara said

I saw that they came back briefly. It was super tempting but if they will be on somewhat regularly then I’m not (too) concerned about stocking up since I still have some from their last online sale.

Tealizzy said

Awkward Soul – Wow! The whole set! That’s a lot of teas!! I love those tins though!

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Wow, I went without ordering tea for 7 weeks, and finally broke and ordered:

52 Teas’ Strawberry Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha.

Let’s see how long I’ll last till the next order, which is probably going to be a Steep City Teas or Mandala order.

Ubacat said

That’s a long time for a Steepster! If I kept my orders very small, then more frequent ones would work out but I always get carried away when ordering.

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Kamyria said

The elusive (for me at least) Golden Fleece came in so I just had to place a Verdant Tea order, you know?

Golden Fleece 2 ounces
Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin 2 ounces (oh, this one is so good!)

I am soooo jealous!

Kamyria said

Omg, I can’t believe it… they only have few ounces of Golden Fleece left! Am I ever glad I jumped on the chance. lol

I know, I just saw that too! Not that I was planning an order of it, though. The price is slightly out of possible range for me (however, I am sure it is worth it!). I am really tempted by all the Laoshans… I hope they won’t run out of them too quickly ;)

Kamyria said

Yes, it is a bit pricey, but I’ve been wanting to try Golden Fleece for a year now… I couldn’t hold off any longer… lol I’m intrigued by their Laoshans too. I really wanted to try Laoshan Roasted Oolong, but restrained myself… for now.

I am sure you will enjoy it :) And there will come a time when I get it as well. After all waiting for good things is a pleasant experience in itself. Or so they say ;D

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Cavocorax said

Apparently I have no impulse control, especially after midnight after a week of working and I’m tired, so I placed a small $30 Verdant order:
1 oz LB
1 oz LB Chocolate Genmaicha (#1 reaso I ordered)
1 oz Eight Treasures Winter blend (bc I liked the amoda version)
1 oz Yu Lu Yan Cha

That was worth using my coupon. :)
Now, maybe I need to remove my saved credit card info from all these sites?

Sil select said

haha Only reason i’ve resisted is that i recently picked up 3 oz tin of the LB genmaicha…i still have a stock of LB and courtney was awesome enough to send me more yu lu. soooo yay for sticking to the plan! so far…

Cavocorax said

I figure I have the bare minimum from Verdant now, so I can wait a few months before I get tempted again! (By them. Gotta stop getting tempted by everyone else too! I probably have 30 teas here I haven’t tried yet! :|)

Sil select said

only 30? lol

Cavocorax said

And there’s the ones you’re bringing home!
Also, I may have bought a small surprise bag from MissB.
And I have 10 samples from Aun-Julie which will be here any day!

So instead of a sipdown weekend, I should focus on try all the new teas!

Sil select said

haha i can’t do that or i’ll have way too many teas open… try to get through a few older before i open new ones

Cavocorax said

That’s a really valid point. Mostly I want to work on the small samples from people. I can have a billion tins and zip bags, but the little loose baggies make me crazy and need to be sipped first. Too much clutter? :P Also they’re most likely to lose flavour so I want to protect them!

Y’know what’s worse? After placing my Verdant order I was almost like, fine let’s just get Mandala and Whispering Pines too because I’ve already been ‘bad’ – why not go all the way? /0\ NO!

Sil select said

I do samples firrst :) but anything over 25g usually takes it’s place in line unless it’s a caffeine free tea lol

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I’ve been a naughty kitty and placed yet another order for tea when I know I have too much for one person as it is! On my birthday a few weeks ago I got a cheque rebate for paying too much tax a few years back. Armed with a cheque for just under £200 I put it into the bank and waited the long 8/9 days for it to clear. Yesterday was the day I got my money :D So in my mind it should be spent on tea, though after £100 is gone I may save the other half for the Brit Sci Fi convention which is on Sunday (and I already have tickets).

So this is my first order with Yuuki-Cha.

Futanashi Tokoname Lidless Teapot

Blue Nanten Tea Canister

Organic Miyazaki Oolong Tea Kuchinashi

Organic Miyazaki Oolong Tea Koubi Shiage

Organic Miyazaki Black Tea Yamanami

Organic Tezumi Tencha Mimoto

Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Okumidori

Sub-Total: £47.20GBP
EMS: £15.34GBP
Total: £62.54GBP

The lidless teapot/futanashi is beautiful. Couldn’t resist :)

cute little kyusu :)

Kamyria said

I love the teapot.. it’s beautiful!

Looks very easy to use and clean, plus it recommends using it especially for Genmaicha which I have lots of :)

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I’ve been naughty again but not so bad this time. I slowly built a Yunomi cart (with an affordable total) and I thought it was time to purchase but unfortunately I noticed a bug on their website and two items that I wanted to purchase had no option for me to do so. Well I e-mailed Ian @ Yunomi and two days later he replied to thank me for spotting the bugs and gave me £10 off my next order. :D I already had £4.46 off due to a voucher I received from the monthly club. In the end I only spent £20 thanks to the vouchers.

Yokota #02: Sayamacha Sakura Sencha (#TEAYKT002w100g-01)
Net Weight (per item): 100 grams (3.52 oz) 1 £9.72
Yamane-en: Obukucha with Gold Powder (#TEAYME004w050g)
1 £5.29
Obubu Tea #26: Genmaicha Candy (#FDOBTWA190Cw90-01)
Net Weight (per item): 90 grams (3.17 oz) 1 £2.70
Yokota: Benifuuki Mint Tea Candy (#FDYKT001)
1 £1.89
Furyu: Tosa Bancha (#TEAFUR002w030g)
Net Weight (per item): 30 grams (1.06 oz) 1 £3.78
Chakouan #14: Ureshino Gyokucha – Ochatama (#TEACKA0841w100g-01)
Net Weight (per item): 100 grams (3.52 oz) 1 £5.40
Cart Subtotal: £28.78
Cart Discount: -$4.46
Shipping: £6.60 via Economy Airmail (2-4 Weeks, Tracking & Insurance Sold Separately)
Order Discount: -$10.00
Order Total: £20.92

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I just made an online order of Nina’s Paris, and am getting it shipped to an overwintering relative of mine in Florida. She says she’ll bring it with her when she comes back up north. I bought Nina’s “Demain” (green, strawberry and raspberry) and “Eve” (black, peach, apple, apricot, vanilla) blends.

Of course, I’m now debating whether or not to go whole hog and order some Golden Moon samplers while I’m at it – the shipping cost to Florida is so reasonable compared to Canada!

Dexter said

Golden Moon – I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten to try a few samples. Great tea, but I agree shipping to Canada is just outrageous. If you have the opportunity to have it sent to a tea mule…. I say go for it. :))

Dex, you enabler, you convinced me! I only ordered the flavoured teas sampler though. I thought about getting the green tea sampler as well, but I figured I could get something of similar quality for much cheaper from Teavivre.

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Soul said

DavidsTea had a sale for their dragon pearls. So I bought 8oz of the black jasmine pearls for 40$.

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MzPriss said

I just ordered samples of 9 different Keemuns from Upton. sigh

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Tealizzy said

Somehow, by looking at this site, I got interested in looking at what Golden Moon Tea has to offer. This site is such a bad influence, but I love it!! I’ve tried a sample of their coconut pouchong in a swap with Stephanie, and thought highly of it, so, I was bad and ordered the following:

Honey Pear, sample
Madagascar, 1 oz
Sinharaja, 1oz
French breakfast, 1oz
Vanilla jasmine, sample
Sugar caramel oolong, 1oz
Bi lo chun, 1oz

I signed up for the newsletter, so I got 15% off, so not too bad. ;)

The sugar caramel oolong is great! Can’t wait to see your notes on the rest :)

Tealizzy said

Yay! Glad I ordered some then! It sounds delicious!!

Tealizzy said

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the customer service so far. I only ordered this yesterday, and early this morning, I already had a tracking number sent to me. Nice!! Supposed to arrive on Thursday!!

Wow, I am so jealous! I love Golden Moon teas :) They are always top quality!

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