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Tealizzy said

I was trying to hold out until Mandala releases the raw puerh sampler, but I couldn’t wait. I ordered:

2oz. Special Dark ripe puerh, because “MY PRECIOUS!!!”
1oz. Year of the Dragon ripe puerh, because it’s so CREAMY!
1oz. Daxue Five Century Raw puerh, because it sounds amazing and I don’t want it to be gone before I try some!
And the Tawny Dragon tea set, which should be an upgrade to my pseudo gaiwan setup. Yay!

Still gonna order the raw sampler when it comes out, but this should tide me over until then. ;)

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looseTman said

Wow, it’s been 3 weeks since the last post in this thread!

I’m waiting to purchase when there are more sales. Also, Steepster being broken doesn’t help.

looseTman said

No question, sales & promotions are a great incentive!
“Steepster being broken doesn’t help.”
Agreed! – Much to the chagrin of Steepster’s favorite tea suppliers I suspect.

I usually post in the “What Did You Get in the Mail?” thread and it feels silly to me to post in both places. :P

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My most recent orders (which I have now)-

Butiki Teas- Organic Kundaly, Organic Decaf Korakundah, samples
Mr. Trombly’s Teas- Butter Truffle, Vanilla Mist
Butiki Teas- Almond Indulgence, Organic Ceylon, samples

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I AM SO EXCITE for my first Mandala order!!! (The samplers don’t count)

Phatty Cake II
Ripe Pu’er Mini-Tuocha Variety Package

boychik said

great choice. i heard you liked Phatty cake II ;)

LOVE it! I wish could try the first Phatty Cake for comparison.

Tealizzy said

A variety package?! Ooh, didn’t know that was available!!

The website didn’t say what teas they are. In for a surprise!

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I made my first order for tea on AliExpress.

Jiulu Tea
125g Mingqian premium fragrance Longjing – £7.97
Box with individual bags (no idea how many) Wuyi Black Tea Keemun +gift grade – £8.55
2002 Rose Ripe Puerh 100g – £5.45

And this tea set from the same shop which was £38.76.

Altogether £57.58 due to a small coupon. I can’t want to receive them :)

Tealizzy said

Pretty set!

Very pretty indeed!

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I took advantage of the Whispering Pines one-day sale and restocked Fujian black and Jabberwocky as a pick-me-up for being so sick this allergy season (there needs to be an epinephrine tea, just saying).

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So after not ordering tea in what seems like forever (and Mandala Samplers totally do not count), I caved and finally placed a Whispering Pines order. That 10% off was the nudge to get me to order though I know it’s not really that much off. Lol! But hey, every little bit helps.
I was totally bummed that to see the Ailoshan out of stock, but I figured I’d pick it up later. Then just before finishing my checkout, I went back to make sure I’d gotten everything that I wanted and it was suddenly orderable again. Woot! So I got all the teas that I was hoping to try. Aside from Elderwood/Cocoa Amore/Port at least, but those are so very far out of my wallet range at the moment….Despite that I was really tempted to order the Elderwood anyway….wallet restrictions stink. XD

So I got –
Fujian Black Tea
Golden Snail Yunnan Black Tea
The Jabberwocky
Second Breakfast
Ailaoshan Black Tea
2012 Huron Gold Needle Shou Pu-erh
2013 Ontario 1357 Shou Pu-erh

Ost said

Yah for WP! Nice choices!!

X3 So excited to give these a shot. I only hope my palate decides to cooperate when they arrive.


Nice. I really like Fujian and Ailaoshan black teas.

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yyz said

I tried this today and really liked it so I ordered it. Shipping was only 1.80 for my order as they can ship it in a regular animal.

I love the art on their packaging!

yyz said

It’s gorgeous isn’t it.

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Just saw Shadowfall’s post that Ailaoshan Black is back in stock at Whispering Pines, so I picked up two ounces of that and one ounce of the Pine Peak Keemun.

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I did not even flinch and broke my no buy by a LOT

Watermelon Xylophone, Anji Bai Cha, Creamy Eggnog, Flowery Pineapple Oolong, The Black Lotus, Crimson Horizon, Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat, Red Queen Cupcake, 2012 Ancient Puerh Discs, Blackberry Lime Guayusa, Good Morning Sunshine

RIP Butiki Teas!!!

Closing forever???

Aww :(

Tealizzy said

I’m going to cry! I broke my no buy also and ordered Zhen Qu, PTA, 2012 Ancient puerh discs, and White Rhino. So sad!

I’ll place another small order when the new teas come out…I’m intrigued by the raspberry jam cashew tea :)

I’m so sad about this! I’ll be placing a big order tonight, and maybe another small one later to try some of the new blends (though I kind of don’t even want to try anything new; there are already enough Butiki teas I’ll miss as it is!).

Sil select said

it was you steph wasn’t it…stealing all the foxy roxy sigh

I only bought an ounce Sil…so that 9 servings is all I’ll ever have :-O

Sil select said

so sad…

Actually Sil I didn’t get any either, and I was in the first wave of orders!

It sold out VERY quickly

Sil select said

aw…that makes me sad for you steph :(

There was enough for me after all! Squee!!!!

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