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Alphakitty said

I was originally planning to stretch out my Red Leaf certificate and wait for sales, but I’ve been having a bad week (my laptop died ;~;) so to make things a little better I placed one mega-order!

Tiramisu (black matcha, robust flavoring)
Rose (white matcha, distinctive flavoring)
Mango (green matcha, distinctive flavoring)
Cotton Candy (green matcha, distinctive flavoring)
Eggnogg (green matcha, delicate flavoring)

Cedes said

Oh nice order. I really want to try eggnog, let me know how you like it.

Nik select said

Oh wow, I’m really curious to see what you think of Rose!

Alphakitty said

I am especially excited for the Rose, it’s the first I’ll get with a 100% white base! And the eggnog I can’t wait to make a hot latte with… heck, I can’t wait for ANY of them! I love trying new matcha.

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Placed a little order with 52teas for the Gooey Butter Cake tea because… yum. I also ordered some Tsacs bags. This let me take advantage of Frank’s offer for a free box of iced tea, so I requested the Cotton Candy. Again… yum!

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Azzrian said

Got the Banana Matcha since it is on sale and seems it would be great in smoothies.

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So I just placed my first matcha order…. I’m already having buyer’s remorse. I’m so scared it will be too grassy.
I bought banana because it was on sale. Small size, starter grade with robust flavour. I really feel like ordering a few more flavours, but the cost for something I may totally hate held me off. But watch, something I really want to try will be on sale tomorrow. But shipping was a great price.

I’m placing an order or two tomorrow. One for sure with Della Terra

Sil select said

Della terra is bringing out 10? New flavours shortly….just in case the new ones might be of interest

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So…first Verdant tea order and I went a little nuts! (Seriously though I’m really hoping my boyfriend doesn’t check our bank account lol). What happened was…I had a coupon which I had to spend a certain amount to use…then by the time I got to that amount I decided to go for the free shipping over $35. I got:

Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea (7g $4)
Light Roast Anxi Traditional Tieguanyin (1oz $9.25)
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle White Cake (7g $3.25)
Summer Harvest Laoshan Green (1oz $6.95)
Laoshan Black (7g $2)
Xingyang Silk Road Spice (7g $1.50)
Holy Basil Spa Blend (7g $1.25)
Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets (7g $3.95)
Sun Dried Jingshan Green (7g $2.50)
Immortal Springs Laoshan White (7g $2.50)
Hand Picked Summer Tieguanyin (7g $2.75)
Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong (7g $2.50)

I was able to get everything I wanted to try! And all for $37! Good deal considering I’m not positive I’ll be in love with everything =)

oh, you’ll be in love… :D

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From Della Terra Teas

Autumn Leaves(Serving Size: 1 oz – Sample Size)$3.75 USD
Caramel Candy Apple(Serving Size: 2 oz)$8.50 USD
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie(Serving Size: 2 oz)$8.50 USD
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie(Serving Size: 2 oz)$8.50 USD
S’mores(Serving Size: 1 oz – Sample Size) $4.25 USD

$33.50 USD
Shipping:$0.00 USD
Grand Total:$33.50 USD

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hannabling said
2oz — $7.

Sil select said

Ooh that sounds intriguing :)

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Ordered Caramel Candy Apple from Della Terra Teas. After reading Azzrian’s review of the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie I decided to order that, too. :)

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Just ordered some Read My Lips from David’s tea. I couldn’t resist I had to get more of that stuff!

I got 100grams + a free tin for $13
$18 with shipping

DaisyChubb said

Very nice!

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momo said

Robust flavored Raspberry Truffle matcha and distinctive flavored Black Cherry matcha, wooooohooo.

Sil select said

mmmmmmm…. i need to decide what i’m ordering with black cherry. Soo good.

lucky! My order won’t go through, having issues with paypal and waiting for a response from Red Leaf teas for a fix.

momo said

Paypal is being a real butt lately, I thank it though for making me memorize the numbers to my debit card so I can avoid using them when necessary. For a while I couldn’t even get the page to load to pay after I logged in, then when that started working I couldn’t add notes to sellers.

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