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Whispering Pines

Organic Peppermint Chai
$3.50 USD 2 $7.00 USD

Organic Toasted Coconut Chai
$4.00 USD 2 $8.00 USD

Campfire Blend
$3.25 USD 1 $3.25 USD

Honey Graham Cracker
Item #: GRAHAM
$1.75 USD 2 $3.50 USD

Subtotal: $21.75 USD
Shipping and handling: $9.95 USD
Total: $31.70 USD
From amount: $31.81 CAD
To amount: $31.70 USD

& my samples will be The Sleeping Bear Blend & Manistee Moonrise.

Sil select said

Sounds delicious…..really want to try this company soon-ish

I think of all the places I have ordered from this week, I am most looking forward to this order.

Sil select said

The peppermint chai sounds really nice.

Lauren said

Never heard of this company, but I’m definitely going to check them out. Peppermint chai sounds intriguing!

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Raven said

More from Butiki Teas!

-Premium Indian Chai, 1oz
-Pumpkin Creme Brulee, 1oz
-Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos, 1oz
and samples of Flowery Pineapple Oolong and The Killer’s Vanilla

Won again from Della Terra (three times now, think I’m going to take myself out the runnings for a little bit – it’s exciting though!), which I put on getting another 2oz of Mellow Mango Peach!

Sil select said

Wow lucky if you’ve managed it three Times!

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momo said

Because I missed out on all of them last year I ordered a box of every holiday blend Celestial Seasonings has for winter laziness/the fact I never see them around here so being able to buy them online year round is pretty awesome.

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Black Holiday Tea (1 box (20 tea bags))
Candy Cane Lane (1 box (20 tea bags))
Gingerbread Spice (1 box (20 tea bags))
Nutcracker Sweet (1 box (20 tea bags))
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride (1 box (20 tea bags))
Sugar Plum Spice (1 box (20 tea bags))

each box is $3, plus there’s 15% off through the end of the month: CSNEWSTORE. yay $22.20 shipped and I can finally find out why everyone goes crazy for a couple of them!

DaisyChubb said

What a freaking good deal! They are all delicious too :D

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Oh lord I have gone completely overboard. I have spent over $200 dollars this week on tea.

I made an in store purchase at Teavana today.

A crap load of chateau blanc
And the exotic iced tea set
Total for it all $110

I almost went to Teavana today to get some Black Dragon Pearl, I’ve been out for awhile, & I was in the neighborhood. At the last minute I did NOT turn into the mall, I just had a feeling I’d end up going overboard…whew!!

Nik select said

Way to go! =) (To both of you, actually. I am as much in favour of giving in as I am of not.)

Oh, it’ll happen sooner or later…probably sooner!

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Raven said

Ack, everything in Tattooed Tea’s Whispering Pines order sounded too good, I had to make an order from them too! Just one of their sample packs, with these guys:

-Campfire Blend
-Toasted Coconut Chai
-Eskimo Kiss
-Whisper of the Woods
-Manistee Moonrise

haha glad I am not the only one going over board this week. I’ve seen you post a few times over the last couple of days about orders.
We’re all horrible enablers.

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Claire said

Today I got some very good news, so I decided to celebrate with tea! Last Monday I interviewed for a position in the Special Collections department of my school’s library, and today I got the job!

So here is my first order from Verdant Tea:
Laoshan Genmaicha – 1oz
Chocolate Phoenix Chai – 1oz
Laoshan Village Chai – 7g
Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew – 7g
Cornfields Shu Tuocha – 7g
Hand Picked Summer Tieguanyin – 1oz
Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong – 7g
Laoshan Black – 1oz

I wish I could say it’s a ton of tea for me, but I’ve been known to drink 4oz in a month. >.>

Congratulations Claire!
Nice order too! I need to put in another Verdant Order (yeah, like a need a hole in my head), & am especially excited to try David’s 3 new blends!

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Lauren said

Trying out new companies, so here’s my Tea Table order, $16.20:

Bourbon Sunday Blend – 1oz
Cinnamon Orange Spice – 1oz
Holiday Dream – 1oz
Masala Chai – 1oz
Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai – 1oz
Spicy Chai – 1oz

Samples: Vanilla Cinnamon Ceylon, Vanilla Chai, Lapsang Souchong Superior

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Alphakitty said

More Red Leaf:

Black Cherry (green, distinctive)
This was a separate order a few days ago, I didn’t want to wait until I got my certificate and it wasn’t on sale!

Mocha (black, distinctive)
Macadamia Nut (green, distinctive)
Butterscotch (green, delicate)
English Toffee (green, distinctive)

AND I won one of the KaiMatcha tins, so I have a whole lot of matcha coming my way!

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I’m finally coming clean (Nik)! I’ve placed several orders recently:

There was an order from 52 Teas on the 17th:
Gooey buttercake black
brandied apricot upside down cake
coconut cream pie black
malted chocomate

My London Tearoom Purchases on the 18th:
Chocolate Mate Chai
Blood orange Puerh
5th of November
Plum Berry White

Verdant order on the 20th (to sample a few things before they were gone)
Holy Basil Spa
Xingyang silk road spice
eight treasures yabao
Laoshan apothecary green
(and refills of these)
chocolate phoenix chai
wild picked yunnan jin jun mei
imperial breakfast summer blend

& then the new stuff came out, so I had to place another verdant order today:
more Laoshan Black
Yunnan white jasmine
sichuan caravan (I’m very excited about this one)
earl of anxi
laoshan Genmaicha

Luckily, I’ve been playing a lot of gigs lately! Anyway, I think my ordering binge is over…for now…

Azzrian said

There don’t you feel better now? You have purged all the pent up guilt (which is a bad word with me you know) and now you can sit back and smile and enjoy waiting for your teas that have yet to arrive to come home to mama!

The Verdant order from the 20th came today! Hurray! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting packages! I immediately brewed the XingYang Silk road spice!
Yes, Azz, I feel better for being honest, & NO guilt, whatsoever!

Azzrian said

Yay!!! :)

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darby select said

Hiding my head….
Ordered from:

Lupicia – their small collector tins were irresistable
Republic – free shipping for $50 instead of $100 and wanted to get the Speedy Motors tea for mom for XMAS
Damman Freres – a order that’ll probably take 2 weeks to get
Teavana – some of the new flavors and the 12 days of tea box set – of course because you can only get those teas in that set. Hoping I don’t fall madly in love with any so that I have to buy more box sets! LOL
Davids Tea

I think that’s all! LOL
Think I might stop by the local Tea Shop for lunch and will most likely find some tea to bring home as well. Last time they had a custom black raspberry they were doing iced but I had them do hot and it was AWESOME!

Frolic select said

I really want to know how the exclusive teavana christmas teas are so keep us updated.

darby select said

I was planning on actually doing the 12 days of XMAS with them but I’m not sure I can wait that long! I ordered now just in case they sold out but there is only about a sampler size of each so if I like one or hopefully more I’m going to have to order early. I can’t imagine them staying in stock after the holiday. Maybe I can do the 12 days of October? LOL

So my Davids and Teavana both arrived on the ONLY day my hubby is home….fortunately he didn’t ask.

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