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Had lunch at the London tea room, & while there I bought:
Ginger Lemongrass 2 oz
Kenyan 4oz

Azzrian said

Hope you had a little tea for me :)

I did! I had the Shu Puerh, my friend had the ginger lemongrass, which I didn’t expect to like, but it was quite tasty, so I got some. I need a few things around here that don’t have caffeine, LOL :D

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Sare said

Order from Lupicia !

1 of : CHRISTMAS WREATH 50g Loose Leaf in Tin 1 of : CHRISTMAS WREATH 50g Loose Leaf Tea $8.00 1 of : Napa Blanc 50g Limited Tin $10.00 1 of : PASSION ISLAND 50g Loose Leaf in Tin $8.50

1 of : SMALL TIN $0.00

1 of : TEA CLIP (Green/Pink/Brown)$3.00 1 of : TEA FILTER $2.00

Order from 52 Teas
Boo Berry Cotton candy $8.99
Bubble Gum Tea $2.99

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I often bribe myself in order to get desk work done. Last night I did the following:
1. Designed & printed fliers for an upcoming public performance (if you’re gonna be in st louis on friday, oct 19th, come!)
2. Finally wrote that St.Louis Harp Society fall newsletter & sent it out on our google group with dates for all the upcoming events, etc
3. Booked 3 gigs & sent out the contracts (2 xmas, & 1 wedding for next sept)
4. balanced my checkbook
5. pd bills
6. read & responded to emails
7. goofed off on steepster, oh wait, that’s not deskwork, is it?

My reward? I tea order from the Tea Spot! If you spend $50, you get free shipping (& why waste money on shipping when you can use it towards more tea?). Here’s what I get:
Chocolate ‘O’ 3oz bulk (what? no tin?)
Bolder breakfast in the tin
Then I got samples of:
chocolate cherry bomb
climbers high
jasmine green puerh
mango tango
chocolate peppermint patty
jasmine petals
earl of grey (for Tony)
Shagadellic English Breakfast – I drank the last of that this morning, but I’m just getting the sampler size, because, geez, I have so many breakfast teas to rotate through, & it will be awhile before I get back to that one, but I was at 49.99, so I had to get something to make it over $50.

Azzrian said

You are making me want to order too!

Of course! :D.

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Uniquity said

After a week of trying, teavivre FINALLY accepted my credite card, so we ordered:

100 grams of Black Dragon Pearls
100 grams of Bailin Gongfu Black
100 grams of Blueberry Fruit Tea
sample of Golden Monkey

YAY! I also got free shipping, luckily their minimum is $30. The CAD rate is also better than the USD at the moment, so after conversion and the 10% Halloween code discount, It came to $27 something. Not too shabby!

DaisyChubb said

wow not shabby at ALL! Nice!

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momo said

Finally went through with an order from The Tea Spot and I blame everyone here.

3 oz of Boulder Blues
and a sample each of: Thin Mint Green, Chocolate Cherry Bomb!, Organic Chocolate O, and Pink Rose Lemonade.

Azzrian said

OMG Pink Rose Lemonade? Sounds like Rosewater Lemonade we always get at the Mediterranean Restaurant we eat at!

Yay! I was often a bad influence on my friends in my youth, so you can blame me if you want! I admit, the pink rose lemonade almost made it onto my list, but I had to save something for next time!

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Claire said

A couple of nights ago I decided to get a bunch of Adagio samples:
pouchong sample
snowbud sample
ginseng green 3oz
kukicha sample
anhui emerald seed sample
dongshan dolce sample
peppermint 1.5oz

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Donna A said

From Butiki Tea- thanks Stacy!
Description Unit price Qty Amount
2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong 1oz SALE!!!!
Item #: 3011b
$4.25 USD 1 $4.25 USD

Grapefruit Dragon 1oz SALE!!!!!
Item #: 5028b
$4.00 USD 1 $4.00 USD

Gui Fei Oolong
Item #: 3010
Quantity: 2 ounces (24 cups) $12.00 USD 1 $12.00 USD

Mi Xian Black
Item #: 5025
Quantity: 1 ounce (16 cups) $11.75 USD 1 $11.75 USD

Will be getting some free samples too.

Sil select said

oh man i hope you love the mi xian black and the grapefruit oolong.

Donna A said

Sil, I think I will. The reviews sound great. This is my first order with Butiki, but I don’t think it will be my last, and Stacy is generous with samples too for Steepster members. So I’ll be trying Maple Pecan Oolong, Almond Indulgence and more. I’m looking forward to it.

donna a-It was lovely to chat with you! :)

Sil select said

Donna – you need to watch that Stacy, She’s always pulling more goodies out of her hat to tempt us with! Love the maple pecan oolong (and i don’t typically enjoy oolongs)

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Sil select said

Sooooo I placed a few orders…my last? for the year ha! like i’ll be able to keep that “promise”

Laoshan Black
Laoshan Village Chai
Earl of Anxi
Eight Treasures Yabao (Winter)

Good Morning Sunshine
Grapefruit Dragon
Premium Chai
Maple Pecan Oolong
Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Blueberry Purple Tea
Kenya Kangaita

Persimmon Tree Tea
(technically not an order but it’s coming!) Vanilla Berry Truffle

Red Blossom Tea (while I was in San Francisco)
Organic Formosa Red, #18

Te de Frutas
(and 2 others i can’t for the life of me remember)

Hmmmm, last order huh. Enjoy all your new teas! Looks like you got a lot coming in.

Sil select said

Stacy.. i always SAY that…. it won’t happen. You’ll find a way to tempt me I’m sure…or red leaf will…or verdant…or…well you get the picture lol

Hahaha, yeah I’m actually kind of the same way. I keep saying I won’t add new teas to the website for a while but today I just bought more, meanwhile I just got in a new shipment and I have about 20 different flavors rattling around in my head.

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Not tea, but tea related. Ordered 3 vegan tea inspired lip balms from BlackBearLaboratory.

Oops…Pumpkin Chai Tea Lip Balm
Lemon-Mango Lassi Cheesecake Lip Balm
Chocolate Marshmallow Tea Lip Balm
Total with Shipping: $9.50

Yay! Happy to see that we partially inspired the Lemon-Mango Lassi Cheesecake Lip Balm!

momo said

:D I have them all packaged up to go out tomorrow!

Nice! I’m excited :)

DaisyChubb said

Awesome!!! I can’t wait to try your lipbalms some day Amanda :3

wow, those lipbalms look really cool!

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Lindsay said

Waiting for these goodies. THEN maybe I’ll make my first Red Leaf order!

TEAVIVRE (lots of samples that I loved or haven’t tried yet, plus the obligatory 100g of jasmine pearls)—-

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Flavored)
Weight : Sample 14g

Taiwan Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Oolong Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Superfine Pre-Ming Dragon Well Long Jing Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Superfine Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea
Weight : 100g (3.5oz)

Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea
Weight : Sample 10g

Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea
Weight : Sample 10g

Golden Monkey Black Tea
Weight : Sample 14g

Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea – Golden Tip
Weight : Sample 14g

Subtotal: $44.90
Shipping Cost: $0.00
Discount (halloweentea, 579 points): -$10.30
Total: $34.60

VERDANT TEA (samples and more!)—-

Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew 7 g.
Laoshan Village Chai 2 oz.
Laoshan Genmaicha 1 oz.
Sichuan Caravan 7 g.
Earl of Anxi 7 g.
Cornfields Shu Tuocha 7 g.
Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets 7 g.
Immortal Springs Laoshan White 7 g.
Yunnan White Jasmine 1 oz.
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green 1 oz.

Order Total: $48.85

Nice order!

Donna A said

Some great selections-I’ve enjoyed several of them. By the way, you live in one of my top 5 areas that I want to visit some day.

Lindsay said

Thanks Terri; I will be stalking my mail man next week and maybe the week after.

I’m glad to hear that Donna! It’s a beautiful place and hope you get to see it some day. Mild winters!

DaisyChubb said

haha I love that Lindsay! It’s such a Canadian thing hey, to note that mild winters are important. They are! I just moved to Halifax from Saskatchewan to escape the -50!

Sil select said

Always laugh in winter when Toronto people talk about how cold it is. Try growing up on the prairies! That’s cold. This is just WET!

DaisyChubb said

haha my SK friend moved to Toronto and when she first moved there, she wanted to push people into the snow when they said that it was freezing. 3 years later… I think she’s becoming “one of them”! lol

Sil select said

I’ve been “out east” for 12 years now… I refuse to become one of them! Haha. I remember the warnings on the radio that we had to listen to before walking to school. “-45 with windchill today folks…skin freezes in 3 mins…” sometimes it was down to a minute.

That is such an awesome order! So much good stuff!

Lindsay said

Haha thanks! I am consuming twice my normal amount of tea to cycle my cupboard and make room for these goodies and MATCHA!

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