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Lucy said

Bah! I’ve been spending some money on tea lately!
I’m awaiting a Verdant tea order, a Harney & Sons order, and… now… a Teavivre order!
Verdant – I know there was Sichuan Caravan sample, Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets, Mi Lan Dancong Black, and Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong… but I didn’t get a confirmation email saying what I ordered so now I forget :I
Harney & Sons – Paris, Florence, Guayusa, Queen Catherine, Vanilla Comoro, Tokyo, and two samples (I sadly forgot to add SoHo chocolate coconut. hmph.)
Teavivre – Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea, refill on my beloved Bailin Gonfu Black, and the lovely Da Hong Pao Oolong.
I can’t wait!
On top of that, I’m making up my lists for DavidsTea and another Verdant tea order.
Heavens…. I need to hide my credit card :I

Nik select said

My credit card has learned to hide itself. =(

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New to the site! Thought I’d jump in here.

I FINALLY broke down and ordered from 52teas! I have been wanting to for a while as many people on the site rave about the teas, and there are some FUN flavors (and I’m a sucker for flavored tea). I couldn’t resist snatching up the last Booberry and Rainbow Sherbet iced tea.

My order:
Rainbow Sherbet Iced Tea
Boo-Berry Cotton Candy Green Tea
Strawberry Zabaglione
Monkey Fart Iced Tea
Pumpkin Pie Flavored Black Tea

MMMmmmmmm… excited for them to come!! Can’t wait to try them!

DaisyChubb said

Awesome flavours for your first order~! I would be just as excited :D

Ninavampi said

You will be pleasantly surprised! :)

Nik select said

Welcome to Steepster! I love your username. =)

Welcome home!

Amanda said

sounds like a great order. with the iced teas, i can get two 2qt pitchers out of each packet. step 3 times, combining the last two into 1 pitcher.

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!!

Nik- Thanks, i was trying to get an email address ages ago and EVERYTHING was taken, so i just started typing in anything I could think of…thedrunkstrawberry needless to say wasn’t taken, and it has since stuck.

Amanda, that’s super good to know!! I was curious as to how to brew and what yield to expect, so thank you!

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momo said

Mahamosa added the amazing Cherry Kiwi Coconut fruit tea to their online catalog so I had to buy half a pound as I just made a celebratory pitcher and used nearly all of mine up. And I figured I’d try a couple completely new to me things because they have half ounce sizes available on there too!

Cherry Kiwi Coconut Fruit
Size 8 oz.

Meleng F.F. TGFOP
Size .5 oz.

Russian Samovar
Size .5 oz.

Size .5 oz.

Size 2 oz.

ooh that cherry kiwi coconut sounds really tasty!

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Hahah, I haven’t done tea orders in awhile because I was busy with wedding and family staying at my place. Order in awhile? I think that means I haven’t ordered in like a week or two!

Red Leaf Matchas
Creme Brulee – Robust
Blueberry – Distinctive
Brazilian Acai – Distinctive

52 Teas
Peanut butter cup cheesecake (seriously!)

Just about did a Teavana order with this too, but they don’t take paypal! Too bad!

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Babble said

Three more matchas from Red Leaf:

GingerAle (Robust)
Amaretto (Robust)
Pistachio (Robust)

And I think I might break down and order from Teavana since the Yixing tumblers are on sale and they have free shipping, but I’m trying to decide exactly how to do it. If I put $30 I have a coupon code for 10% off, but if I put $60, I get $10 off. Decisions, decisions..

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Alphakitty said

Red Leaf:

Champagne (distinctive)
Creme Brulee (black, distinctive)
Maple (delicate)
Raspberry Truffle (black, distinctive)


Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Honeybush

I’m also considering a small Teavana order, since they have free shipping. I really want to try their salted caramel one.

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Cedes said

Yay tea!

Red Leaf
Caramel Popcorn
Macadamia praline

Davids tea
Chocolate orange know as Oh Christmas treat now Haunted chococlate
Cranberry pear
Glitter and gold
more Strawberry Rhubarb parfait
Toasted marshmallow
Matcha Drink mix

momo said

How many times are they going to change that poor tea’s name?!

Kittenna said

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that. They also changed Mulberry Magic to Mulberry Monster, I saw. How silly…

Cedes said

It’s a good thing I read the ingredients I love Halloween so when I saw them I was like oh how cute I should get them! Then I realized it’s the same.

Glad I read this. I was about ready to orders these thinking they were a fun Halloween treat! Thanks!

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Azzrian said

Just got in from Lupicia:
Napa Blanc 50g Limited Tin
MUSCAT OOLONG 50g Loose Leaf Tea
MOMOKO 50g Loose Leaf Tea in Collector’s Tin
THE KING OF FRUITS 50g Loose Leaf Tea
SAKURA 50g Loose Leaf in Collector’s Tin
MOMIJIGARI 50g Limited Tin
CHESTNUT 1.76oz(50g) Loose Leaf in Collector’s Tin
MOUNTAIN GRAPE (Yamabudo) OOLONG limited tin 30g


Xingyang 2007 Shu Pu’er Sample size

And Ordered from Della Terra:

Blackberry Bramble
Cafe Vanilla
Two free half ounce of
Orange and Caramel Oolong
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (I already have some but not enough it is SO good!)

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Kittenna said

Yessssss, nabbed the last Peanut Butter Cup Honeybush from 52teas! :D

Azzrian said

Congrats!!! :)

Kittenna said

Yeah, like I need more tea…. hoping for some more reblends in the near future!

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MissLena said

So I was in desperate need of some new non-caffeinated teas, and was DYING for some Mother’s Little Helper! So I went to my local DAVIDsTEA today and stocked up:

Mother’s Little Helper – 100 g + free tin (YES!)
Nettle Leaf (organic) – 25 g
Jessie’s Tea – 25 g
Green Rooibos (organic) – 25 g

Oh, and was super close to getting some of the Ginseng Oolong, as well as one of the glass steeper cups, but I’ll wait til next time.

Azzrian said

Always love when a free tin comes with tea! :)

MissLena said

Yes indeed! I need to buy 100 g of one kind of tea more often! But it’s so difficult, I want to try them all and not commit to that much at once! Haha :) except for that one, I have been needing it, gave it to my mom for her birthday in the summer and I wanted to keep it for myself lol

Mmmm I love my Mother’s Little Helper…so relaxing before bed!

MissLena said

That’s precisely the reason I got some, I need to get more sleep :) and it tastes amazing!

Uniquity said

When I started with DT I bought everything in 100 g increments because I didn’t realize you could buy less. The plus side of that is that we have lots of tins. Of course it ws also very expensive and lots of them weren’t my favourite. You win some, you lose some. : )

MissLena said

Yeah I didn’t know either, i still have some large 100 g bags to finish some day lol, also a drawback of ordering online from them, most teas only come in 50 g minimums! Haha more tea though :)

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